The Most Played Game of 2011

With so many highly anticipated sequels being released this year, one of them was bound to be the Most Played Game of 2011.

WINNER:  The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim

Not only is this game dubbed the Most Played RPG of 2011, it has the honor of being crowned the Most Played Game of 2011! Not bad considering it’s one of the latest game to be released this year. Our Raptr dino is convinced that it must be its cousins, the dragons, attracting so many gamers.

The most important award featured an intense battle between the best shooter of the year and the best RPG of the year.

Modern Warfare 3 racked up the most total playtime for all games — even beating Skyrim by a 9% margin.

However, when it came down to which game individual gamers invested the most amount of their time playing, Skyrim won hands down. The average Skyrim player clocked 2.92 hours in one sitting – the highest one month average in Raptr history.

This year’s top five most played games were all sequels.

With a game boasting over 300 hours of gameplay, it’s no surprise that less than 20% of players have completed the main storyline.

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  1. Todd says:

    I understand the game may be great… but the most play time? and the game came out in NOVEMBER? there are tons of other games that came out in 2011.. i think these polls are a little biased!

  2. KingOfArcadia says:

    Todd, do you understand what Raptr is & how it works? This wasn’t based on a poll, but on the actual playtime Raptr users logged in 2011. Try to keep up with the rest of us, please.

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