Raptr 2011 Infographic

Raptr recently hit a major milestone which we are quite proud of. We broke past the 6  million users mark. We thought it would be insightful to do a Raptr Report on ourselves this time, highlighting some impressive stats and figures that provide greater context to what our growth has been all about.

Dig in and enjoy!

  1. CrazyKinux says:

    Happy to see you fixed the link!

  2. sirbargearse says:

    Dang! Canada beat us aussies on the top 6? Poo! C’mon Aussies! Stop going outside in our 30c plus heat, enjoying the beaches and the clean air, playing sports and being healthy. Time to stay indoors, eat junk food and clock up high scores online!

  3. Aleksandrs Guzvijs says:

    would have been awesome if you had a site which showed live stats of the whole site to know how many achievements are achieved on a site at any given time

  4. Im The Lorax says:

    Or some kind of live view rollover of a map that says what the top game is being played in that particular country at that particular time, get even more detailed and go by city/zip code? something like that