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New gameplay recording and editing features in Raptr

The latest version of the Raptr client (restart to auto-update) makes sharing your favorite gameplay moments easier than ever. Video recording now works for virtually any PC game, a new video capture mode automatically records full gameplay sessions, and built-in editing tools let you edit out highlight clips in seconds.

To celebrate, we’re partnering with our friends at AMD and Sapphire to offer video cards, memory, and solid state hard drives to lucky winners who share their favorite moments to using the #vidoftheday hashtag. More details on that here.

Video replays of your game sessions

There’s a new way to share your favorite gaming moments. With our video replays feature, Raptr will automatically record a full video of your game session and make it available for editing immediately following the game. This new mode now eliminates the need to hit a hotkey while playing to capture a moment.

You can configure how much footage you want it to store (4.2GB by default or roughly two hours of footage) and it will automatically delete older videos to make room for new ones.

You can turn Game Replay on (or off) in the client Home tab.

New and improved editor

The Raptr client’s built-in video editor is super easy to use, and we’ve updated it so that clipping and sharing your favorite videos from a long game session only takes a few seconds.

Save your favorite moments on

Your best moments deserve to be seen. Save them in the cloud (and not on your hard drive!) and share them with friends and fellow gamers on Join in on the action and see what millions of other gamers are sharing.

  1. Justin says:

    AMD thanks for breaking the GAME DVR, it worked great. The moment I had an update to the new it completely broke a working feature. The does not work at all. Tired binding the record keys to another binding. No luck, I rarely use the feature but I am working on a video for the Elite Dangerous contest, 2 days before it is due AMD BREAKS their software to where it is unusable. Thanks allot when I need it you break it so it doesn’t work.

  2. billy john aquino says:

    thank’s for amd

  3. Dicehunter says:

    Plays.TV is absolute garbage, The quality is beyond subpar compared to GVR.

    Whoever is making these decisions to remove quality options like GVR needs to be fired ASAP and replaced with someone competent.

  4. KingChilly says:

    do it right

  5. Claudette says:

    je suis toute nouvelle ,pour le moment je crois que c’est tres bien

  6. labby says:

    The update is terrible. The impact on my gpu’s is much higher now and the impact on in game fps is also a lot higher.

    still no fix for error code 22 ?

    its not like only a few players have this issue when you read the forum..

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