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Announcing the official launch of Plays.tv!

Be part of a community that celebrates the pro in all of us. Plays.tv is your new home for gameplay videos, and it’s officially out of beta!

#Pentakills, #headshots, epic #glitches and #fails — relive the highs and lows of other gamers’ victories and defeats. Follow your favorite games and players, and see great gaming moments through other gamers’ eyes. Plays.tv’s new features make it easy to find the most interesting stuff. Browse by game, player, or hashtag to see all the #CSGO #Ace clips, for example.

Plays.tv is your personal highlight reel

Best of all, Plays.tv is designed to work with Raptr’s GVR capture features. With GVR, you can preserve all your best moments and easily share them with friends and the community of gamers on Plays.tv. Not a Raptr member? Get the client here.

  1. Honkey says:

    why the hell did rapt start plays.tv on it own? did a lot of searching before i found out what cluttered my system SSD.

    Its nice of you to offer new features, yet I don’t care about streaming so this is just a tool to clutter my HDD/SSD space and I really don’t like that it is turned on by default.
    I don’t stream, I don’t want to stream so dont turn this kind of stuff on from your side without a warning. Thank you.

  2. non so perché non ho provato il prodotto

  3. Hareesh Raj says:

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  4. Phil says:

    Your piece of CRAP software Plays.tv just self-installed and crashed my computer. Now its stuck in limbo land failing to install and failing to uninstall because it is still trying to install.
    Where do you get off having a 186 MB garbage software self-install without approval?

  5. Karan says:

    Thanks for this greatest and nice post which I know is working really very well here google

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