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This Week in Raptr: Elsword Q&A, Game Detections, Contests, and Community Highlights

Welcome to This Week in Raptr: your go-to source for the latest in Raptr contests, events, Q&As, and everyday shenanigans.

Raptr Q&A: Elsword

elsword_noQAJoin Elsword’s GM Crow and GM Moshup this Wednesday, April 9, from 11AM-6PM PDT for a Raptr Q&A. Want to figure out which class is best for you, which skills you should equip, or what’s to come? They’ll answer all your Elsword questions. The top 10 questions will win 2,000 K-Ching and 500 Reward Points!

You can find the Q&A post here.

Game Detections Release for 4/5/2014
Gamers! We’ve got a few new Steam detections for you that includes games like Shadowrun Online, Rogue’s Tale, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, Viscera Cleanup Detail, and everyone’s favorite goat simulator, Goat Simulator.

For a complete list of all our new detections, check out this post here.

Dark Souls II Epitaphs
The world of Drangelic is a dangerous place, and no amount of prepping will save you from inevitable death(s). But before you depart the world, we’d love to know what to put on your character’s tombstone! Share with us your tombstone epitaphs for a chance to win 1000 RP.

To enter, check out the contest post here.

Best Titanfall Moments

titanfallimgLove dropping Titans on your enemies? Do you get a thrill out of jumpkicking Spectres? Share with us your cherished Titanfall moments in screenshot form for a chance to win 1500 RP!

To enter, check out our contest page here.

And remember, the more destruction, the better!

Five Word Review: Titanfall
If words are more of your thing, give us your best five word review of Titanfall. We’re awarding our personal favorite with 1000 RP!

Get your reviews in now here.

Community Highlights
WTF is this tank? by legacy91

wotWhat happens when you mix Minecraft and World of Tanks? This tank! Check out Raptr member’s legacy91’s screenshot of an 8-bit tank.

Your first computer? by riskyourrisk
Take a stroll through memory lane with the Raptr community and share your experience with your first computer.

I love ESO, but quest bosses, OMG! by mpwilson
The world of Tamriel is vast and full of exciting and new adventures. Unfortunately, the MMO is also filled with incredibly difficult quest bosses. Feel the same pain as Raptr member mpwilson? Chime in now.

Should they keep Ultra Rapid Fire Mode? by erik341
It may have started off as an April Fool’s Day joke, but League of Legends’ Ultra Rapid Fire Mode has quickly become a fan favorite. Do you think the game mode should stick around?

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