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This Week in Raptr: Client Localizations, Titanfall Moments, Game Detections


News, updates, rewards, community highlights, and much, much more — welcome to This Week in Raptr!

New Ways to Earn Reward Points!
Wonder how you can earn yourself tons of Reward Points? Wonder no more!

We’ve updated our Get Points page with more details on how to earn RP — and added a bunch of new ways to earn as well. Earn extra RP by downloading and playing select games, visiting the community daily, connecting your Facebook account, and more.

Find the full list of ways you can earn Reward Points (and see how many points you currently have) right here.

Best Titanfall Moments Contest

Titans are your friends in Titanfall, but so are shotguns, wall-running, and arc cannons! Use everything at your disposal and show us some of your best Titanfall moments for a chance to win 1500 RP. Rodeo a Titan, jumpkick a Spectre, or obliterate your foes with a Sidewinder; the choice is yours, just make it look good!

Share your Kodak moments here.

Dark Souls II Epitaphs

Take a break from dying in Dark Souls II and pen your character’s tombstone epitaph. Make us  feel the pain of your demise for a chance to win 1000 RP!

Leave your final words here.

Sweepstakes’ Winners
Entered one of Raptr’s sweepstakes? Check to see if you’ve won in our winners post here. Congrats to all those who won!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry — we have more sweepstakes and chances for you to win every day, week, and month! Check out the entire Sweepstakes category in the Rewards Store. Good luck!

Five Word Reviews and RP Giveaway: Titanfall
We aren’t real big on lengthy reviews; that’s why we want your five-word reviews for Titanfall! We’re awarding 1000 RP to our favorite reviews for each game, as well as runner-up prizes!

Leave your short thoughts here.

Raptr Client localizations

We know that we have a lot of international gamers joining the AMD Gaming Evolved family, and we’re happy to announce that the client now supports 11 languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

Make sure you update your AMD Gaming Evolved client to version 3.7.4 first. Then, to select your language, head to your Preferences, and under the General tab select which language you’d like to view your client in.

Download here!

Game Detections for 3/28/14
We’ve got new game detections for you to enjoy! Highlights include The Elder Scrolls Online, Steam Detection for Mercenary Kings, and in-game support for Dungeon Defenders.

You can find the whole list here.

Community Highlights
What is your favorite class and spec in World of Warcraft? by wariock
When it comes time to explore the land of Azeroth, how exactly do you roll out? Raptr member wariock wants to know.

What’s your favorite Valve game? by mrsoap777
The house of Gaben has cranked out a number of quality titles over the past couple of decades. If you had to pick just one, which Valve title would be your favorite?

I’m updating my graphics! by ern69
Raptr member ern69 is looking to upgrade the AMD graphics card on his computer! Trouble is, he doesn’t know the exact parts he should go with. Tech heads: Could you help a hardware junkie out?

What is the first game you ever played? by riskyourrisk
We all have our first. Raptr member riskyourrisk wants to know which title kicked off your love of video games.

How many of you will buy Borderlands 3? by CDCRenegade
There may be no major news on the next numbered Borderlands, but that does not mean fans have forgotten about Gearbox’s best-selling series. Raptr member CDCRenegade wants to know how many of you are looking forward to a third trip to Pandora.

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