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This Week in Raptr: Dark Souls Epitaphs, Titanfall Contests, Sweepstakes’ Winners, 120 Optimizable Games, and More!

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your source for the latest in Raptr events, contests, and more!

Dark Souls II Epitaphs
Yelling expletives at your screen as you constantly die in Dark Souls II is pretty common, we hear. But we’d like to make your deaths count — don’t depart the world with a whimper; leave your epitaphs in our contest post for a chance to win 1000 RP!


Make us cry; make us laugh; make us feel the pain you felt after dying 39879357839 times in Dark Souls II.

Leave your tombstone text in our contest post here.

Best Titanfall Moments Contest
Titans are your best friends in Titanfall, but so are shotguns, wall-running, and arc cannons! Use everything at your disposal and show us some of your best Titanfall moments for a chance to win 1500 RP. Rodeo a Titan, jumpkick a Spectre, or obliterate your foes with a Sidewinder; the choice is yours, just make it look good!


Enter your best moments now on our contest page here.

Five Word Reviews and RP Giveaway: Titanfall and Thief
We aren’t real big on lengthy reviews; that’s why we want your five-word reviews for Titanfall and Thief. We’re awarding RP to our favorite reviews for each game, as well as runner-up prizes!

For more details on our Titanfall five-word review, check out our contest post here. Thief five-word contest details and reviews are in this contest post here.

Sweepstakes’ Winners
Entered one of Raptr’s sweepstakes? Check to see if you’ve won in our winners post here. Congrats to all those who won!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry — we have more sweepstakes and chances for you to win every day, week, and month! Check out the entire Sweepstakes category in the Rewards Store. Good luck!

Gaming’s Ultimate Betrayals Winners!
Speaking of winners, congrats to itismemarkinit for sharing his woeful story of Borderlands farming gone wrong winning him the Grand Prize spot! Read his tale below.

It was a sad day in Pandora, a very sad day.
Me and a “buddy” were farming Hyperius for the elusive Norfleet. I was not bothered with which element the gun was, but I just wanted to own one. My friend at the time already had one and he agreed to help me farm in the hope that Hyperius would make the exclusive drop. Hours went by and as I was getting tired due to it being late and the boredom of repetitive kills, Hyperius finally drops the Norfleet. I was over the moon and didn’t pick it right away; I just sort of looked at it in shock and awe. I hit “y” on my keyboard to type my celebratory message and was half way though my sentence when along comes my buddy and picks it up. He says it is better than his and in a different element and exits the game. I went to Steam chat to rant, but he just said, “first come, first served.” It was the one and only time I have ever removed anyone from my friends list. I hope he stills puts himself in to FFYL every time he uses it. I am reluctant to put his Steam ID here, but he knows who he is and should be ashamed of himself. I wouldn’t mind him getting the gun, but I was hosting the game :(

Further congratulations goes to our five runner-ups:

  • Metakingkirby
  • mr_freeze123
  • zerogummi
  • moroiu
  • Suprshin3

You can read all the betrayal entries in the ended contest post here.

120 Optimizable Games
The more you — the community — plays, the more optimizations we’re able detect and make available. And this past week we reached 120 supported titles and counting! Some of the latest additions include XCOM: Enemy Unknown, The Bureau, and Resident Evil 6. Check out the full list of games here.

Game Detections for 3/21/14
Raptr now supports even more of your favorite games! Highlights include Deus Ex: The Fall and YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z on Steam, and in-game support for Medal of Honor multiplayer. You can find the whole list here.

Community Highlights
Enough platinum for one Warframe — who do you buy and why?
by feedtowin
With nearly 20 different Warframes, choosing just one to buy can be tough. Help the Warframe Raptr community out — which Tenno would you spend your platinum on and why?

Anyone else want single-player DLC? by GodlyGinger
GTA V’s online mode may be full of thrills, kills, and tanks, but Raptr member GodlyGinger is looking forward to some single-player DLC. Share your thoughts on what Rockstar should release for their open-world shooter.

After six years of playing Solitaire on my PC, I have never won a game. by nahuel20011
It’s a sad time in Raptr member’s nahuel20011 life. After six years of having Solitaire installed on his computer and playing, he has never won a single game. Give him your sympathies and share your longest losing streak.

What Borderlands creature would you want as a pet? by nikitaluger
Pandora is filled with many dangerous creatures, but that isn’t stopping Raptr member nikitaluger from wanting to claim one of its wild beasts for his own. What Borderlands creature would you want as your companion?

Terran, Zerg, or Protoss: Which race would you be? by chokebee
We can’t all be the Queen of Blades or Jim Raynor, but Raptr member chokebee is curious to know, what race would you be if you lived in the world of StarCraft?

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