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This Week in Raptr: Dark Souls II Epitaphs Contest, Best Titanfall Moments, Monthly Sweepstakes


News, contests, community highlights…you can find all of these and more right here. It’s This Week in Raptr!

Prepare for Titanfall — optimization and reward!
Optimization for Titanfall is now available in your app! Make sure you’re getting the best performance out of your rig by clicking “Optimize,” and you’ll even earn 20 RP for optimizing it for the first time!

Five Word Reviews: Thief
You don’t have to steal to earn some Reward Points — just leave your five-word review for Thief in our contest post and you can win 3000 RP! We’re also upping your chances of winning and will select ten random reviewers to win 500 RP!

For more details, check out the contest post for Thief here.

Dark Souls II Epitaphs Contest

Dark Souls II’s world of Drangelic is a dangerous place, and no amount of prepping will save you from inevitable death(s). Tell us what you want on your tombstone for a chance to win 1000 Reward Points! Submit your entries here.

Best Titanfall Moments Contest
Life is better with Titans, and for this mission, your goal is to capture your best Titanfall moment! Drop your Titan on your foes, score an awesome wall-running kill, rodeo a Titan and shoot away at its weak spots until it goes kaboom, and then capture that fiery moment in a screenshot for a chance to win 1500 Reward Points! Find out more here.

PS3 Trophy and Xbox 360 Achievement tracking fixed
In case you didn’t see it last week, we’ve deployed a fix that will help you register your PS3 trophies and Xbox 360 Achievements in the 3.7.3 client now — if you missed the update, you can redownload the app now to fix it.

Game Detections for 3/14/14
Raptr now supports even more of your favorite games! Highlights include Eets Munchies and TowerFall Ascension on Steam, Heroes of the Storm’s alpha, and in-game support for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier. You can find the whole list here.

Monthly Sweepstakes ending soon!
Really want to win a pair of GUNNAR glasses? Or how about one of ten sweet prizes from ASTRO Gaming? We have a few sweepstakes that will be ending on Thur, Mar 20th, so get your entries in now while you still can for your chance to win!

Last chance to enter these sweepstakes before they end:

Last chance to enter these drawings before April:

Community Highlights

The Elder Scrolls Online could steal WoW’s crown by racoone
The world of Bethesda’s wildly popular Elder Scrolls series in an MMO could very well be the greatest combo since peanut butter met jelly. Does The Elder Scrolls Online have the potential to overthrow Blizzard’s MMORPG juggernaut World of Warcraft?

I love Battlefield 4’s campaign. I do not know why everyone says it is terrible by Hyokkuda
FPS aficionados may keep Battlefield 4’s multiplayer modes buzzing 24/7, but the single-player campaign doesn’t get much love. Raptr member Hyokkuda liked his solo venture on the battlefield — can you relate?

Post your favorite Minecraft servers! by isaacn_craft
Looking to spice up your Minecraft experience? Post your favorite Minecraft servers here! Because you just haven’t lived until you’ve played your favorite block-builder with survival elements, Pokemon trappings, or hundreds of other people.

What is the best survival game out there? by Wolfyca
Surviving by the skin on your teeth is a bad way to live real life, but an amazing way to experience video games. When it comes to making the best of a bad situation, which survival game do you prefer?

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