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This Week in Raptr: Raptr App Updates, Gaming’s Ultimate Betrayals, Five Word Reviews, and more!

Welcome to this week’s edition of This Week in Raptr, where we use as many of the same words as we can in this description while also feeding you the latest in contests, events, and community shenanigans that Raptr has to offer!

Raptr Desktop App adds game optimizations, rewards!


The Raptr app has leveled up for your gaming needs! It isn’t just sporting a new look; awesome improvements include game optimizations and the return of Raptr Rewards!

Now with a single click, gamers can optimize their PC games based on performance, quality, or a balance of both for their hardware. But wait, there’s more! Raptr Rewards are back! With the Raptr app, you can now use Reward Points to buy stuff in the store. There’s over ONE MILLION DOLLARS of amazing stuff for you to spend your RP on, so rack up those points and redeem all the goodies now!

For more details on our latest Raptr app upgrade, check out this post here.

Raptr’s Ultimate Betrayals Contest (best response wins 3000 RP!)
The Ides of March. On that ill-fated day (the 15th), a group of conspirators murdered Roman military commander Julius Caesar by stabbing him to death. The lead conspirator was none other than Caesar’s trusted ally, Brutus.

Following the path of Brutus, many video games spawned equally brutal betrayals.

Be it deceit in the lands of Tamriel, stolen kills from your support player in League of Legends, or the time your buddy landed that helicopter on your head in Battlefield, share with us your most brutal video game betrayals — either perpetrated by or against you, and we’ll award our most favorite with 3000 RP and 5 runner-ups with 500 RP!

Check out the contest post here for more details!

Five Word Reviews: Thief

You don’t have to steal to earn some Reward Points — just leave your five-word review for Thief in our contest post and you can win 3000 RP! We’re also upping your chances of winning and will select ten random reviewers to win 500 RP!

For more details, check out the contest post here.

PS3 trophy and Xbox 360 Achievement tracking fixed
We’ve deployed a fix that will help you register your PS3 trophies and Xbox 360 Achievements in the 3.7.3 client now — if you missed the update, you can redownload the app now to fix it.

Elder Scrolls Online beta keys available now through Sunday
AMD has provided Elder Scrolls Online beta keys to the Raptr community for this weekend, the final beta period before launch. The beta will be open from Friday, March 14th starting at 12:00pm (noon) EDT until Sunday, March 16th 11:59pm EDT.

This is a limited time reward and is available now for only 10 RP. Head over to the rewards store for more details!

Prepare for Titanfall — optimization and reward!
Optimization for Titanfall is now available in your app, so make sure you’re getting the best performance out of your rig by clicking “Optimize” and you’ll even earn 20 RP for optimizing it for the first time!

Monthly Sweepstakes ending soon!
Really want to win a pair of GUNNAR glasses? Or how about one of ten sweet prizes from ASTRO Gaming? We have a few sweepstakes that will be ending on Tue, Mar 18th, so get your entries in now while you still can for your chance to win!

Last chance to enter these sweepstakes before they end:

Last chance to enter these drawings before next month:

Community Highlights
Monthly subscription will prevent TESO from going far by RickHarrison
Raptr member RickHarrison doesn’t think The Elder Scrolls Online will go very far because of its monthly subscription fees — a pretty bold statement. Agree or disagree with his opinion?

What is the most difficult game you have ever played? by usernameless
Battletoads, Dark Souls, and Ninja Gaiden Black: these are just a few games that the Raptr Community finds the most difficult. Care to share a few of the games that made you want to pull your hair out?

Your favorite Mass Effect game is… by Thomas
The Mass Effect series is one of my favorites, and it’s really tough to pick just one title that stands out above the rest. The choice is yours — Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3?

What types/brands of keyboards are the best? by ayleeox
Forget about your video cards and CPUs; Raptr member ayleeox is curious to know what type of keyboard you deem as the best. Share your keyboard-love thoughts in this post here.

Shaders mod makes Minecraft look great! by Lord of the Green Poops


Minecraft may be a game that’s known for its pixels, but clever crafters have created some stellar texture mods. Raptr member Lord of the Green Poops (yes, that’s really his username), shows off one of the many shaders mods out there. Check out his screenshot, and if you have any experience with Minecraft mods, leave your thoughts in the comments!

What tank is the most fun to play with? by ragnarokpw
EXPLOSIONS! Nothing’s more thrilling than causing mayhem in a tank! Luckily for us, with a game like World of Tanks, we have over 300 tanks to choose from. What tank do you have the most fun playing with?

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