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This Week in Raptr: Raptr Desktop App Update, Thief Five-Word Reviews, Community Highlights

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Raptr Desktop App Update

Raptr Desktop App Update

We’ve made some massive updates to the Raptr Desktop App to make your gaming experience the very best every time you play. Highlights include: one-click PC game optimization and the launch of Reward Points (RP) and the Rewards Store, so you can now earn real rewards just for using the app!

Find out more here.

Game Detection Release for 2/28/14

New game detections! Highlights include Steam detection for PAC-MAN Museum, Resident Evil 4, and BeatBlasters III, beta detection for The Elder Scrolls Online, and in-game support for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and Tomb Raider.

You can find the whole list here.

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Thief Five-Word Reviews

Square-Enix’s Thief just launched last week — what is it like being a thief? Share your thoughts in our five-word review post for Thief for a chance to nab yourself up to 3000 RP!

Community Highlights

Thoughts about The Elder Scolls Online beta? by CrystalDemon
It’s The Elder Scrolls…but online! If you’ve played the beta, what are your thoughts so far on The Elder Scrolls Online?

Who is your favorite Borderlands 2 character? by deveray
The world of Pandora stretches far and wide, filled with all sorts of wild and crazy characters. But which character is your favorite? Deveray wants to know.

To Twitch or not to Twitch… by Tattood-IT-Girl
Raptr member Tattood-IT-Girl wants to get into the world of Twitch.TV streaming and nab herself a sponsorship. Got any tips for this streaming neophyte?

What is your favorite WoW add-on? by shadowm8
Professions? Dungeons? Raids? Whatever it may be, shadowm8 wants to know your favorite add-on for World of Warcraft.

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