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This Week in Raptr: Gamer Support Circle, #RaptrRep Giveaway, Capture the Raptr, and Community Highlights

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, where you’ll learn about the latest contests, events, and shenanigans happening on Raptr.com

Gamer Support Circle
We’re two months into the new year — have you kept your 2014 video gaming resolutions? If you still have difficulties chipping away at your gaming backlog, just remember, you aren’t alone! Join the Gamer Support Circle and let Raptr members help you on your quest to video game completion.

#RaptrRep Gaming Summary Giveaway

There’s a bit over a month left to show off your 2013 gaming summary for a chance to win $900 worth of prizes! The rules are simple, post your Gaming Summary on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #RaptrRep, and we’ll pick one lucky sharer to win a grand prize that includes Astro and Logitech goodies as well as Battlefield 4 and a Raptr dino plushie! We’re also going to select four runner-ups to win prizes as well!

Check out all the contest and prize details in this post here.

Capture the Raptr


Adopt-a-dino and introduce your best friend to your new orange buddy. Just remember to keep them separated…you don’t want to find out who has the bigger bite.

Raptr on Facebook and Twitter
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Community Highlights
Any recommendations for gaming headsets? by ayleeox
Raptr member ayleeox is looking to up his game by purchasing a new gaming headset; he just isn’t sure which to get. Help him out and leave your recommendation.

What champ do you play to get out of ELO hell? by klsabren
League of Legends boasts over 150+ champions, but Raptr member klsabren wants to know, which champion do you use to get out of Elo hell? Need help getting out of those low level tiers? You can always connect with other Raptr champions in this post here.

What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done to a player in GTA V? by My username is a joke
No, we aren’t looking for any hot coffee talk — we’re more interested in the many ways you kill players in Grand Theft Auto V. Do you run people over with a tank? Pretend to be their friend and then shoot them in the back with a rocket? Let us know your troll tactics.

If you could enter one video game world, which would you pick? by tomdoughnut
Raptr member tomdoughnut wants to know, if you could enter one video game world, which would you pick? As much as I think Skyrim looks beautiful, I’d rather go with Animal Crossing on account of less dying.

Twisted feelings about bots? by Everade
The Titanfall beta is over, but many testers are still gabbing about the positive and negatives of the game. Raptr member Everade has conflicting feelings about the game’s bots. He thinks they bring a lot of action but dislikes the distraction they cause. Are the bots an integral part of the gameplay? Share your thoughts!

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