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This Week in Raptr: #RaptrRep and Valentine’s Day Contests, Capture the Raptr, and Community Highlights

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#RaptrRep Gaming Summary Giveaway
It may by two months into the new year, but it’s not too late to brag about how much time you’ve spent playing video games last year. And why not when you can win $900 worth of gaming goods?!

Share your 2013 gaming summary on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #RaptrRep and we’ll enter you to win $900 worth of Astro, Logitech, and AMD gaming gear just by showing off how much you’ve played last year!

For more details on how you can win, check out the contest post here.

Valentine’s Day Card Contest

We’re looking for some video-game inspired Valentine’s Day cards to help our dinos warm up to love. Craft your creations and submit your card entries here, and we’ll enter you to win two Raptr plushies! Contest ends soon, so enter now!

Check out contest details, including other entries, on our contest page here.

Raptr Giveaway: Poetry Slam

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Wub Wub Wub
Borderlands 2

Induce swooning with a video-game inspired poem for a chance to win a video game of your choice! The rules are simple; Submit an original video game poem in our contest post here. Amaze us with your honeyed words and enter as many times as you’d like before the contest ends on Saturday, February 15!

To find out more on how you can win, head over to our contest page here.

Raptr on Facebook and Twitter
Keep tabs on all things Raptr-related and Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter! Discover contests you never knew about or even just say hi to the dino.

Capture the Raptr


Video games are more entertaining when played with friends, especially if that friend is a little orange dino plushie. Apply to adopt a dino today and you may find yourself a new gaming buddy!

Community Highlights
The end result of a tank high jump
by DaAssassinALPHA
No matter how many “I think I can” motivational speeches you tell yourself, it won’t be enough to make your tank fly. Check out this Battlefield 3 screenshot of armored-vehicle weirdness.

Name us! by Nibs
Our Season’s Greetings Card Contest winner, Nibs, needs help naming her dinos. Offer your suggestions, and then stop by the Capture the Raptr page and adopt-a-dino of your own.

PS+ not required for The Elder Scrolls Online, but XBL Gold is. by JonIreson
The console war rages on with the next battle taking place in The Elder Scrolls Online. Share your opinions on the requirements needed to play the highly anticipated game on PS4 and Xbox One.

What League of Legends champion would you be in real life? by Belaerial
Raptr member Belaerial calls dibs on Ahri, but if you had your choice of which League of Legends champion you’d want to be in real life, who would you choose?

What’s your favorite Capcom game of all time? by masterrapax
Raptr member masterrapax wants to know, what’s your favorite Capcom game of all time? Read about what others think is the best and then chime in with your thoughts.

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