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This Week in Raptr: Valentine’s Day Contests, Warframe Community Playdate, Multiplayer Meetups


Welcome to This Week in Raptr — the best way to find out about all of the hottest events, contests, and more happening in the week ahead.

Raptr Giveaway: Valentine’s Day Poetry Slam

Dust off your keyboard, open up your heart, and set your poetry writing skills on expert mode — it’s our annual Valentine’s Day poetry slam!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, pen a poem of your innermost feelings for beloved (or hated) video games and/or characters, and we’ll enter you to win a game of your choice (of $60 value) or a $60 Amazon Gift Card!

Bare it all on the contest post here.

Valentine’s Day Card Contest

[Image courtesy of Raptr member Puff]

Unsure of how to woo your Player Number 2? Impress ’em with a computer-crafted video game Valentine’s Day card for a chance to win two Raptr plushies (one for you and your Valentine…or one for each of your Valentines….)

For more details on how you can win, check out our contest page here.

Gaming Summary Giveaway

You got your 2013 Gaming Summary, right? If not, check it out, and compare and contrast with 2012!

Then consider a humble brag or just straight-up regular brag — post your 2013 Gaming Summary up on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #RaptrRep and we’ll pick five lucky sharers to win $900 in Astro Gaming, Logitech and AMD goodies!

For all the details on how you can win, check out this post here.

Community Playdate: Warframe


Enlist for Raptr’s Warframe community playdate this Friday, February 7, at 2PM PST for a chance to play with Raptr staff and community members!

Sign up here!

Community Meetup Posts

No gamer is an island! Find your next friend/rival/clan member through Raptr — meet your fellow kin in Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Pokemon X/Y, Rumble Fighter, GTA Online, and more today!

Don’t see a game you want on the list above? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it!

Community Highlights

Microsoft Game Studios acquires rights to Gears of War franchise by LegacyEtheRBOLO
Last week Microsoft purchased the rights to the Gears of War series from Epic Games, passing off development to Black Tusk Studios. Is it all doom and gloom for the COGs, or could this lead to better things?

Will you buy Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on the PlayStation 4? by darklordzor
Square-Enix’s popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is set to make its debut on the PlayStation 4 in just a few short months. The game may already have a legion of fans on both the PlayStation 3 and PC; do you think the demand will be there for this next-gen release?

League of Legends: The ascension of female Champions by Senyra
They’re charming, they’re hot, and most of all, they’re deadly. According to a recent study, female Champions of League of Legends are all the rage in both the casual and competitive scene. Who is your main?

Survey says men are disrespectful toward women in online gaming by BlackBible
A recent survey by GamerFitNation said that men are not respectful toward women in online gaming. We at Raptr are fully aware of the severity of this problem — how do you feel about these results?

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