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This Week in Raptr: Gaming Summary Giveaway, Valentine’s Day contests, Blacklight: Retribution Playdate, and more!

This Week in Raptr — your not-so-secret source for the latest contests, community events, and the best from the community you are a part of!

Gaming Summary Giveaway

Just in case you missed it, your 2013 gaming summary is here! And for you Raptr old timers, compare and contrast with 2012. But wait, there’s more! Post your 2013 Gaming Summary up on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #RaptrRep and we’ll pick five lucky sharers to win Astro Gaming, Logitech and AMD goodies!

GRAND PRIZE (one winner)
Astro Battlefield 4 A50 Wireless Headset
Astro Scout Backpack and New Era cap
Logitech G-Series G710+ Mechanical keyboard
Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710
Battlefield 4 PC code (thanks, AMD!)
Raptr dino plushie

RUNNERS-UP (four winners)
Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710
Raptr dino plushie

For more details on how you can win, check out this post here.

Raptr Giveaway: Valentine’s Day Poetry Slam

Rupees are red, green and blue.
Why do I always have to go save you?
All I want to do is fish
Or maybe cook up a Cucco dish.

The Hero of Time has things to do.
And unfortunately one of those things isn’t you.

So I’ll go save the world again;
Let evil fear my blade.
But princess I promise you this,
Someday I will get laid.

Do you feel the need to share your wub as you skip along the lands of Pandora? Perhaps you’re simply overwhelmed by the mushroom love from Teemo? Do you find yourself (sky)hooked on Booker and Elizabeth? In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, pen a poem of your innermost feelings for beloved (or hated) video games and/or characters, and we’ll enter you to win a game of your choice (of $60 value) or a $60 Amazon Gift Card!

Dust off your keyboard and submit your sweet or horrifying love notes in our contest post here.

Valentine’s Day Card Contest

Unsure of how to woo your Player Number 2? Impress ’em with a computer-crafted video game Valentine’s Day card for a chance to win two Raptr plushies (one for you and your Valentine…or one for each of your Valentines….)

For more details on how you can win, check out our contest page here.

Community Playdate: Blacklight: Retribution
Agents! Grab your guns, don your Raptr tags, and join LinkSmash in Blacklight: Retribution on Friday, January 31, starting at 2PM PT! To participate in the playdate, leave your in-game names in this post here.

Community Highlights
Your most anticipated game of 2014 is…
Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Daylight, and Fortnite — these are just a few titles Raptr member TIWG is eagerly awaiting to play this year. What 2014 titles are you waiting to get your hands on?

Blitz or Thresh? by GarmasWord
Raptr member GarmasWord is learning to play the support role in League of Legends, but can’t decide whether to purchase Blitz or Thresh. Help a fellow dino out and share your thoughts on what champion is better to learn support with.

What open world games do you find yourself coming back to? by toxiclegendz2012
Can’t get enough of Fallout’s Wasteland? Or perhaps you enjoy digging through the skag piles of Pandora? What open world game(s) do you find yourself returning to?

“Faction loyalty” by GutterRatt
Horde or alliance? Which World of Warcraft faction do you proudly stand with? Or do you play on both fields? Tell us where your loyalty lies.

Fun while it lasted by Landiien
Raptr member Landiien played Final Fantasy XIV Online till he reached level 74 and just couldn’t find the will to play anymore. The constant grinding, uninteresting (but pretty) world, painfully slow combat, and crafting/melding systems just made the game feel more like work than fun. Do you share the same sentiments?

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    I love the Zelda valentine’s poem!

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