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This Week in Raptr: 2013 Gaming Summaries, LoL Community Playdate, Game Detections


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Game Summary

Your 2013 Gaming Summary is coming soon! Stay tuned.

League of Legends Game Night

Raptr Champions! Join Raptr staff and community members for a night of legendary takedowns in League of Legends this Friday, January 24 from 2-4PM PST.

Sign up here!

New Year’s Resolution Contest

It may be two weeks into the new year, but we’re still taking your new year’s video-game-related resolutions! Share your 2014 gaming-related resolutions in our post here for a chance to win a Raptr plushie!

Game Detection Releases for 1/16/14

Raptr has increased its game detection! We now have Steam support for such games as Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD, The Banner Saga, and Nidhogg, as well as in-game support for RaiderZ and Estranged Act 1.

You can find the whole list here!

Free Games Store

Everybody loves free games, and we’re making it easier for you to score some freebies. Check out our Free Games Store and discover your new F2P addiction today!

Community Highlights

What was your best moment in World of Warcraft? by Sinestra
Blizzard’s MMORPG World of Warcraft has been on the scene for close to ten years now. Since its launch, what has been your favorite moment in the world of Azeroth?

Should I buy Starbound? by dialgia
Can you have too many building games? Raptr member dialgia already has Minecraft and Terraria and wants to know if he should explore Starbound’s vast unknown.

Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters by Vednor
Gather your party: It’s time to figure out which Final Fantasy character rules the roost and rides their Chocobo to victory.

How long would it take you to beat all your Steam games? by Plum
Ever wonder how long it would take you to conquer your Steam backlog? Wonder no more! With the Steam Playtime Website, you can now see how many vacation days you should set aside to finish your game collection.

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