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This Week in Raptr: Starbound Spotlight, Contests, Free Games, and More!

Check out This Week in Raptr and learn about our latest contests, community events, and happenings on Raptr.com!

Community Spotlight: Starbound


Did you know that despite Starbound being a Steam Early Access game, it was the fifth most played PC game on Raptr last month! Keep tabs on this 2D space game, we’re breaking the 100k player mark on Raptr this week!

New Year’s Resolution Contest
It may be two weeks into the new year, but we’re still taking your new year’s video-game-related resolutions! Share your 2014 gaming-related resolutions in our post here for a chance to win a Raptr plushie!

Gamer Support Circle
Keeping your 2014 gaming resolutions can be tough, but with Raptr’s support circle, completing your backlog of games collecting dust will be a cinch! Ask for support, find a “sponsor” to help you with achievements, or keep us posted with your progress in our support circle post here.

Raptr @ CES 2014

steam controller

The Consumer Electronic Show was last week and our Jurassic crusader dove head first into the tech of the future. Check out our Facebook CES 2014 photo album to see some of the latest innovations the world has to offer, including the various iterations of the Steam Box.

But wait, there’s more! Thank you to our fans for helping us reach 100k Likes on Facebook! In honor of unlocking this achievement, comment on this Facebook post for a chance to win a Raptr plushie!

Free Games Store
Everybody loves free games and we’re making it easier for you to score some freebies. Check out our Free Games Store and discover your new F2P addiction today!

Community Highlights
Share your three best Warframe builds by DevsterPS4
Not all Tenno are made equal. Share your three best Warframe builds and compare yours with others.

League of Legends player looking for DOTA 2 tips by Harvester OS
Raptr member Harvester OS is a League of Legends veteran looking to delve into the DOTA 2 realm, but is having a hard time defeating bots. Spare some DOTA 2 tips and leave your recommendations in his post.

What’s your favorite Call of Duty game? by Oheymate
With over a dozen different Call of Duty titles, one is bound to be your favorite. Raptr member Oheymate wants to know, what’s your favorite Call of Duty game?

Who is the most OP champion in League of Legends? by xoltar009
The debate rages on — which League of Legends champion do you feel is a bit cheap to play with?

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