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This Week in Raptr: New Year’s Resolution & Season’s Greetings Giveaways, Adopt-A-Raptr, Community Highlights

Welcome to 2013’s final edition of This Week in Raptr, where we sum up Raptr.com’s latest contests, events, and more in one fancy post! *insert fireworks here*

New Year’s Resolutions
HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014 is a loading screen away and we’d love to know what your new year gaming resolutions are (yes, 1920 x 1280 is acceptable). Share with us your video-game goals for 2014 and have a chance to win a Raptr plushie.

Raptr Giveaway: Season’s Greetings

This week is your last chance to get your final Season’s Greetings cards in! Fill it with cheer, joy, and jokes only gamers would laugh at for a chance to win TWO Raptr plushies and TWO Logitech F710 wireless Gamepads!

Enter now on our contest page here.



Brave the tree-freezing cold with a little Raptr dino companion and adopt-a-dino today!

Community Highlights
What was your favorite game of 2013?
by Mr Man Boy
I know it may be hard to choose just one or even narrow it down to the top five, but Raptr member Mr Man Boy wants to know, what’s your favorite game of 2013?

Which is better — Terraria, Minecraft, or Starbound? by Aggroman
Terraria, Minecraft, or Starbound — which block-building game is more your style?

Modders ruined GTA Online by Crookdekryz
Raptr member Crookdekryz feels that modders ruined GTA Online. He can’t venture into the online world without being blown up by a tank and then handed a billion dollars. Share your thoughts on this issue.

Should I get World of Warcraft? by w00dsy
World of Warcraft — is it a game worth $15 a month? Raptr member w00dsy has played through the free trial, but still is unsure about paying to play the game monthly. Help him out and give your feedback.

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