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This Week in Raptr: Holiday Contests, Adopt-A-Raptr, GUNNAR Discounts, Community Highlights

Learn about the latest contests, events, and happenings at Raptr.com with this week’s edition of This Week in Raptr!

Raptr Giveaway: Season’s Greetings!
Not sure what to get your gaming buddies for the Holidays and want to go the cheap but thoughtful route? Spread some cheer (or horror if you go for a Krampus theme) and create your very own Season’s Greetings card for a chance to win two Raptr plushies and two Logitech F710 wireless gamepads (ideally one for you and one as a gift, but don’t worry, we won’t tell if you keep both)!

Submit your greeting card entries on our contest page here.

Raptr’s Holiday Song Contest
Spread holiday cheer in your most sing-songy of voices and pen a classic holiday tune that will make everyone rock around the Christmas tree for a chance to win one of two Raptr gaming bundles with tons of video games and gaming-related swag and/or a Raptr plushie!

For more details on how you can win during the holidays, check out our contest post here.



It sure is cold out there! Warm up with a Raptr buddy and apply to adopt one today! Just don’t feed them after midnight.

GUNNAR Gaming Eyewear 30% Discount
Scrambling for those last few Christmas gifts? Claim your 30% discount off GUNNAR gaming eyewear and buy you and your gaming buddies a set of GUNNAR Optiks! All you have to do is be a Newbie at a top game and you’re gold! Rank up and earn your reward today!

Community Highlights
Oh My God!!!
by Azhureus
Dragons aren’t the only thing to worry about in the land of Skyrim — you could also pick up a case of decapitation. Read the hilarious captions folks have left or leave one of your own.

What type of music do you listen to? by kmaor
Raptr member kmaor listens to Disturbed and Linkin Park as he shoots down his foes in Blacklight Retribution. What type of music do you listen to while you game?

Telltale’s Borderlands game! by EliteKiller5689
Developer Telltale is heating up the holidays! Not only can we expect The Walking Dead: Season 2 to release soon, but gamers can now look forward to Tales from the Borderlands as well as a Game of Thrones video game! If you haven’t heard the news already, watch the trailer and share your thoughts with the rest of the community.

League of Legends has been replaced by Smite by Versability
“League of Legends has been replaced by Smite in my book…” Those are some mighty big words for Raptr member Versability. How do you feel about this third-person MOBA?

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