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This Week in Raptr: Holiday Video Contest, Adopt-a-dino, Community Highlights

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Raptr’s Happy Holidays Video Contest

happy holidays

Time’s running out! You’ve got until Wednesday, December 4, to get your final submissions in! Just wish Raptr “Happy Holidays” in a Vine or Instagram video (or image) and link it to us in the comments of the contest post here for a chance to win a Raptr dino!

Raptr Giveaway: Holiday Song Contest

santadino copy

Keep your holiday spirits up! Santa Dino has a stocking full of video games and gaming-related gear that he’s ready to give to you, you, and you! Just turn classic holiday carols into new video-game-themed tunes that will make even the grumpiest of grinches smile for a chance to win one of two Raptr gaming bundles that may include a Magic the Gathering card set, Logitech F710 gamepad, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Gold Edition for PS3, Guardians of Middle-earth, AMD Never Settle codes, Defiance and DLC, R-Type, The Maw, Minecraft (360), and/or a Raptr plushie!

For more details on how to win, check out the contest post here.

Raptr’s Extra Life Team


Raptr’s Extra Life 25-hour charity stream may be over, but donations are still open through the end of the year! Help give the gift of life to a child in need this holiday season and donate today. Plus, we’ve still got some awesome prizes you can win!

Capture the Raptr


Feeling a little lonely this winter? Adopt a Raptr dino today and make a new friend for life! At least until a giant meteor strikes Earth again, causing dinos to go extinct once more. Applications are always open.

Community Highlights
Borderlands 3 – Plot and character ideas
Although Gearbox is still releasing Borderlands 2 DLC, Raptr member BLACKBIRD984 is looking forward to the upcoming sequel. Share your thoughts on what kind of trouble you think the Vault Hunters will find in Borderlands 3.

What is your Game of the Year? by TigusVidiks
BioShock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us — these are just a few of gaming’s 2013 best. What game do you think will be awarded the Game of the Year title?

Personal GTA V DLC wish list by MaxPayneTheGuy
Now that Rockstar’s fixed a few of the kinks found in Grand Theft Auto V during its launch, Raptr member MaxPayneTheGuy wants to talk DLC. What’s on your GTA V DLC wish list? Personally speaking, I could use more song selections, hair styles, and gambling options.

Mass Effect 4: Will the Reapers return? by Senyra
The Reapers have been at the center of the Mass Effect games and it’s hard to imagine a Mass Effect title without them. Raptr member Senyra wants to know, do you think the Reapers will return for Mass Effect 4?

Favorite Xbox One features? by Derbo79
Raptr member Derbo79 managed to score an Xbox One during launch and loves everything about the new console. If you were one of the lucky ones who picked up an Xbox One, what are some of your favorite or least favorite features?

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