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This Week in Raptr: Raptr Holiday Video, Thanksgiving Sentiments, 2013 Gaming Summary Feedback


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Raptr’s Happy Holidays Video Contest!

Join us in wishing our jolly orange Raptr dino “Happy Holidays!”

Simply create a Vine and Instagram video clip wishing him good tidings for a chance to win a Raptr plushie of your very own! For general contest rules, go here.

Leave your entries here by December 4 for a chance to win!

Raptr Random Giveaway: Thanksgiving Sentiments

‘Tis the season to give thanks! Whether it be Humble Bundles, unforgettable eSports moments, or even next-generation consoles, gamers have been blessed with a plentiful bounty in 2013.

To participate, simply “Like” the following post here and leave a comment about what you’re most thankful for when it comes to gaming in 2013. The top five responses will win a Raptr plushie! For more details on this holiday contest, check out the contest post here!

Contest ends Saturday, November 30.

Thanks for the memories – Sony and Microsoft

Next gen consoles are now among us, but it’s still so hard to say goodbye. Whether you’re clinging to your PS3 or Xbox 360, we’d like to know what fond gaming memories keep you playing on last gen’s consoles? Share all your feels for the PlayStation and the Xbox 360 now.

Your 2013 gaming summary is coming!

Raptr’s personalized gaming summaries are making a return in 2013!

We want to make them even better than before — is there a feature/info/comparison would you love to see? Leave your suggestions here.

Community Highlights

The top 35 games of the generation (2006-2013) by Nomed
As this generation of consoles comes to a close, Nomed takes a look at the top 35 games that kept our consoles spinning. Agree or disagree with his choices? Let him know in the comments.

If you challenge me to a sniper duel in Team Fortress 2, you will lose! by Kaptn Krunch
Calling all challengers — Kaptn Krunch has declared that he is the best Team Fortress 2 sniper in all the land. Will anybody accept his challenge?

Skyrim or Oblivion? by cheesetoken54
Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls series of games are known for packing a lot of content into each entry. Ain’t nobody got time to play them all, so cheesetoken54 wants to know whether Oblivion or Skyrim is worth his time.

How rampant is cheating in Battlefield 4? by benholland2000
Benholland2000 has seen a number of Battlefield 4 players with incredible scores. Is the game rife with cheaters, or is the competition really that good?

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