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This Week in Raptr: Extra Life Recap, Day of the Devs Q&A Recap, Thanksgiving Contest


Dig into This Week in Raptr and get the scoop on the latest events, contests, community events, and more happening on Raptr!

Extra Life Recap

Give yourself a dino low five! THANK YOU to everyone who helped us exceed our Extra Life goal! Not only did we raise close to $6,000 for the Children’s Hospital & Research Center in Oakland, but we also had 187 participants help out.

It’s not too late to lend your support! Donations are still open until the end of the year, and we’ve still got prizes available. Check out our Extra Life page here!

Day of the Devs Q&A Recap

This past Thursday, Double Fine founder Tim Schafer and an all-star team of indie developers participated in a Raptr Q&A as a precursor to Day of the Devs. Topics included VIDEOBALL (and Kronum licensing rights), the importance of music in games, the results of QWOP going viral, and more.

Catch up on the Q&A here.

Raptr Rewards: 20% off GUNNAR gaming eyewear

See better and play better with a discounted pair of Gunnar Advanced Gaming Eyewear! Get 20% off a pair with our latest Raptr Reward here.

Raptr Random Giveaway: Thanksgiving sentiments


2013 has been a great year for gamers, with unforgettable eSports moments, killer games, and even next generation consoles. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Raptr is giving away five Raptr dino plushies!

For a chance to win one of your own, simply “Like” the following post here and leave a about what you’re most thankful for when it comes to gaming in 2013.

Five-Word Reviews

With all the latest releases hitting store shelves, who has time to read a 500-word tome? We want to see your reviews of the latest and greatest video games…in five words!

Share your reviews of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Batman: Arkham Origins, Battlefield 4, and Pokemon X & Y today!

Community Highlights

Storytelling in games by s4ndm4n2006
Raptr member s4ndm4n2006 appreciates games with a good story and states that a strong narrative gives him a reason to keep playing. Which games do you feel tell the best tales?

Mass Effect 4: Will the series survive without Shepard? by Senyra
Shepard’s tale may be over, but developer BioWare is hard at work on Mass Effect 4. The question is, do you think the series can survive without everybody’s favorite Spectre?

The 10 scariest games ever made by Nomed
The crew at Analog Reviews got together and pinpointed the 10 games that scared their pants off. Do you think their fears are justified, or do you have something a little more frightening in mind?

The dating guide for the guy gamer by MeatheadMilitia
Tired of being forever alone? Raptr’s own Armi (AKA LinkSmash) and the folks at Max Level have created the ultimate guide for the guy gamer. Don’t leave home without it!

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