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This Week in Raptr: Extra Life Raptr team, The Witcher 3 Q&A, Shadow Warrior Rewards

Catch up on the latest in news, events, Rewards, and more with This Week in Raptr!

Support our Extra Life Raptr team!

You are cordially invited to support our Extra Life group as a donor or a member of the Raptr team!

To support the cause, we’ve set a team donation goal of $5,000. We will hold a four-day Twitch streaming event starting on Wednesday, October 30:

Wednesday, October 30: 10AM-4PM PT
Thursday, October 31: 10AM-4PM PT
Friday, November 1: 10AM-4PM PT
Saturday, November 2: 10AM-5PM PT

You can watch all the action on our Raptr Twitch channel, where you’ll have a chance to join Raptr staffers and special guests in-game. We’ll give away free PC, PS3, and 360 games, in-game items, and Raptr gear to stream viewers as well as prize packs to participants. Prizes include Platinum for Warframe, XBLA games, Raptr prize packs, and more!

For more info on how you can help, check our post here.

Raptr Q&A: The Witcher 3 and CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED, the team that brought you The Witcher series, will field all your RPG- and Poland-related questions this Tuesday, October 22, from 8AM to 1PM PT.

Start leaving your questions here — 20 winners will get codes for The Witcher 1 and 2!

Raptr Rewards: Shadow Warrior

Get vengeance at a discount! Claim 25% off the Steam version of the reimagining of the classic 3D Realms’ shooter Shadow Warrior through our latest Raptr Reward!

Claim yours here!

Halloween Screenshot Fright Fest

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it is not too late to get in the holiday spirit! Share with us your spookiest screenshots of horrifying video game characters or the most creepy gaming scenes for a chance to win a Raptr “trick or treat” prize pack that includes a Raptr plushie, candies, and a Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse, G510 Keyboard, and a F710 Gamepad!

For details on how to enter, click here.

Five-Word Reviews: Pokemon X/Y

Enjoying today’s hottest games? Raptr would love to know what you think — in five words! Share your short review of Pokemon X/Y today!

Community Highlights

Who is the most overpowered champion in League of Legends? by Jarodd
Balance in a competitive game in a delicate thing, something especially true in League of Legends. Of the game’s 116 champions (and counting), who would you say has an unfair advantage?

What are some of your favorite open-world games? by AtomicPimps
Open-world games allow you to explore the world at your own pace, letting you take in the sights and sounds of a virtual game world perhaps better than any other genre. AtomicPimps would like to know some of your favorites — he is hoping to pick some up for Christmas!

Which car in Grand Theft Auto V is your favorite? by Juggernaut26
A game series called “Grand Theft Auto” is bound to have an emphasis on cars.. The makes and models might not be real, but Juggernaut26 wants to know which whip you enjoy the most.

Which starter Pokemon did you choose in Pokemon X and Y? by Plum
Are you a member of #TeamFroakie, #TeamChespin, or #TeamFennekin? Plum wants to know which starter Pokemon you chose in Pokemon X and Y.

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