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This Week in Raptr: Extra Life Raptr team, Guardians of Middle-earth dev playdate, contests, and more!

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Support our Extra Life Raptr team!

Raptr believes in the power of gamers as a force for good. And so we’re inviting you to join us in supporting Extra Life, as a donor or a member of the Raptr team!

To support the cause, we’ve set a team donation goal of $5,000. We will hold a four-day Twitch streaming event starting on Wednesday, October 30. We will play for 25 hours, split across the days and times below:

Wednesday, October 30: 10AM-4PM PT
Thursday, October 31: 10AM-4PM PT
Friday, November 1: 10AM-4PM PT
Saturday, November 2: 10AM-5PM PT

You can watch all the action on our Raptr Twitch channel, where you’ll have a chance to join Raptr staffers and special guests in-game. We’ll give away free PC, PS3, and 360 games, in-game items, and Raptr gear to stream viewers as well as prize packs to participants. We’re still rounding up prizes so we’ll be sure to let you know what goodies you can earn!

For more info on how you can help, check our post here.

Community Playdate: Guardians of Middle-earth Devs Live Stream

Guardians of Middle-earth’s Adam Hanson (producer), Liz Lovett (developer), Ian Jendro (developer), and Kyle Manchester (community manager) will invite community members to take up arms in the clash over Middle-earth on Tuesday, October 15, starting at 2PM PT!

You can join the battle for Middle-earth by leaving your in-game name in this post here.

Don’t have the game? Watch all of The Lord of the Rings-inspired MOBA action during the live stream in Raptr’s Twitch channel here for a chance to win the PC version of Guardians of Middle-earth and DLC codes!

Raptr Q&A: Path of Exile recap
Last week, Chris Wilson, managing director of Grinding Gear Games, stopped by for a Raptr Q&A. He discussed all things related to the upcoming title, Path of Exile, including how a class took seven years to create, nudity in the game, and fishing.

Read the rest of the Q&A in the post here.

Coming on 10/22 — a Q&A with CD Project RED, makers of the Witcher series!

Halloween Screenshot Fright Fest

Ghouls and gals — the month of tricks and treats is upon us and our fiendish Raptr dino is looking for a few good frights! Get in the holiday spirit and share with us your spookiest screenshots of horrifying video game characters or the most creepy gaming scenes for a chance to win a Raptr “trick or treat” prize pack that includes a Raptr plushie, candies, and a Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse, G510 Keyboard, and a F710 Gamepad!

For details on how to enter the contest, check out this post here.

Raptr Random Giveaway: Minecraft!
Have you come across Notch’s Pickaxe in your travels of the land of Tamriel? Or perhaps you’ve laid waste to exploding creepers in Pandora? Unless you’ve been stuck in Mass Effect’s elevators, you know that games like Skyrim, Halo 4, and Borderlands 2 pay homage to a little pixelated game called Minecraft. Well, if you’re one of the last holdouts to explore Minecraft’s DIY playground, now’s your chance to score your very own copy for free!

Find out how you can win Minecraft (XBLA) in this post here.

Grand Theft Auto V Raptr Crew
Join RaptrOfficial and RaptrOfficial2, Raptr’s, well, official GTA Online crews! We’re in the business of killing, thieving, and playing tennis (with shotguns)!

Whether you’re on the PS3 or Xbox 360, it’s a dangerous world out there in Los Santos, who better to have your back than fellow Raptr members whose bite is as dangerous as our ROARS!

To join, stop by our Rockstar Social crew page here.

Community Highlights
Grand Theft Auto V bad sport policy
by nofxmike06
Raptr member nofxmike06 wants to know, “Where is the line between justice and anarchy in a world with very few rules about private property?” Considering a game like Grand Theft Auto V is synonymous with destruction, I find it hard to not want to destroy everything. Read what other members have to say and then share your thoughts.

Rockstar giving $500k to all GTA V players by Girly_Zombie
If you haven’t heard the news already, to make up for Grand Theft Online’s launch issues, Rockstar is giving half a million dollars (of in-game currency) to all GTA V players. What will you spend your money on?

League of Legends vintage limited edition skins by Cheechi
Riot is bringing back vintage League of Legends skin for a limited time only! What skins do you plan on getting?

Classic maps we want to see return in Battlefield 4
by LinkSmash
Battlefield 4 is releasing in a couple of weeks, but it’s not too late to sort out a few in-game wish lists. What classic Battlefield maps would you like to see return?

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