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This Week in Raptr: Path of Exile Q&A, GTA Online Community Playdate, Halloween Screenshot Contest

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Raptr Q&A: Path of Exile

This Wednesday, October 9, from 2PM to 10PM, Grinding Gear Games’ Chris Wilson will be on hand to answer all of your questions regarding the new action RPG Path of Exile in our latest Raptr Q&A.

Start leaving your questions here. The top 15 questions will win $20 in credits to spend in the Path of Exile store!

Play GTA Online with Raptr!

Looking for a crew? GTA Online is launching on Tuesday, and Raptr is looking for a few good criminals to perform some heists (on both PS3 and 360). Check out more about the RaptrOfficial crew (and our upcoming second crew) here!

Want to play with Raptr staff and community members? Raptr’s LinkSmash will host a community playdate for GTA Online (360) this Friday, October 11, at 2 PM PT! Learn more here!

Halloween Screenshot Fright Contest

Halloween is almost upon us! Get in the holiday spirit — share your spookiest video game screenshots for a chance to win a goodie bag with Raptr plushie, candies, and Logitech gaming gear!

Enter here!

Raptr Rewards

There’s still time to claim 25% off of this season’s hottest games with our GameFly Raptr Rewards. Claim yours today! To see what other rewards you might want to go for, check out our Raptr Rewards page here!

Five-Word Reviews: GTA V & Final Fantasy XIV

We’re still looking for five-word reviews for both Grand Theft Auto V and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn! Share your thoughts today!

Raptr Random Giveaway: Minecraft (XBLA)

Pixels on the brain? Simply tell us what part of Tamriel, Pandora, Halo, or Mass Effect you’d like to recreate in pixel form for a chance to win a copy of Minecraft for the Xbox 360! Enter here!

Community Highlights

This gen: Is Skyrim the high point? by Sharodan
The seventh generation of gaming has brought a number of AAA titles to the table — how can you possibly pick a favorite? Raptr member Sharodan feels that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was this generation’s highlight — do you agree?

What do you think about Grand Theft Auto Online? by Girly_Zombie
Grand Theft Auto Online may have been out for less than a week, but millions of fans have already checked it out. Girly_Zombie wants to know how you feel about its mode, and if you think it has legs.

Nvidia: Consoles can no longer surpass PC graphics by Sgt_William_DK
A bold statement from Nvidia, the chip manufacturer believes that console companies just don’t have the resources to compete with GPU makers. Do you agree?

If there were no K/D or W/L ratios, would you enjoy games more? by iAMDUFFMAN
How serious do you take your games? Raptr member iAMDUFFMAN wonders what would happen if you ditched the kill/death and win/loss ratios and just focused on the game. In your opinion, would it make you enjoy multiplayer modes more or less?

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