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This Week in Raptr: Q&A recap, Five-Word Reviews, Halo 4 playdate, Rewards

Welcome to This Week in Raptr — your go-to source for all things related to Raptr events, contests, gaming streams, Q&As, and more!

Dragon’s Prophet Raptr Q&A recap
The team behind Dragon’s Prophet stopped by for a Raptr Q&A last week, to answer the community’s questions about all things dragon-related (including dragon poo), costumes, and how Skitter looks a lot like the Raptr dino, but more green. To read the rest of the Q&A click here.

Five-Word Reviews: GTA V & Final Fantasy XIV
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but here at Raptr we’re more interested in video game reviews as short as our Raptr dino’s arms. Share your five-word reviews on gaming’s latest hits: Grand Theft Auto V and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

Community Playdate: Halo 4

We’re suiting up for interstellar battle this Friday, September 27, starting at 2PM PT, as Raptr staffers invite community members for a playdate filled with loads of explosions! Sign up for the fight in this post here.

Raptr Rewards
Our Gamefly Raptr Rewards are set to go live on Thursday! Be ahead of the crowd and watch the reward now for a 25% discount on some of gaming’s best, including a discounted pre-order on Batman: Arkham Origins.

There’s still some Guardians of Middle-earth rewards for you to claim. That’s $40-worth of in-game items for free!

To see what other rewards you might want to go for, check out our rewards page here!

Capture the Raptr

The dino’s been making some new friends! Check out what other shenanigans the Raptr dino has gotten itself into and then apply to adopt one today!

Saints Row “Beauty” Pageant
It takes a lot of work to look “good,” but luckily for you, we’re all about making our video game characters look as disturbing as possible! Show us your most…unfortunate…Saints Row IV character for a chance to win a wacky prize pack that includes a Saints Row IV season pass, Logitech F710 wireless gamepad, G510 gaming keyboard, and a mix of gaming items that you may or may not find upsetting! Two runner-ups will also win a Saints Row IV season pass.

Submit your entries now before time runs out. The screenshot contests ends on Tuesday, October 1.

Community Highlights
When you play a game that allows you to pick the sex of your character, what sex do you end up picking and why?
by SLCruz
A character’s…assets…are definitely top priority when selecting a female or male character to play as, at least according to a majority of Raptr’s community members. Male, female, or other, what’s the gender of your character?

What’s the hurry? by Huckaburra
Raptr member Huckaburra is up in arms at the amount of players speeding their way through Grand Theft Auto V. He doesn’t understand what the rush is with a game world as big as Los Santos. Share your thoughts on why people are seemingly “rushing” through the massively open-world game.

How many people out there are sticking to Diablo III on PC? by crazytwish
Diablo III is now on consoles and Raptr member crazytwish is curious as to how many players will actually try the console version. Read what the Raptr community has to say about PC vs. console, at least when it comes to Diablo III.

If you could change one thing in Skyrim, what would it be? by harrypro9
Breakable weapons, multiplayer, and more dancing? These are just some of the things Raptr members want in the world of Skyrim. Check out what else the community wants in the Elder Scrolls game and then share your two cents.

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