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This Week in Raptr: Two-Minute Community Survey, Saints Row IV “Beauty” Pageant, Rewards, Capture the Raptr, Community Highlights

Welcome to this week’s edition of, erm…This Week in Raptr, where you will discover the latest Raptr events, contests, rewards, and shenanigans we have going on Raptr.com!

Raptr’s Two-Minute Community Survey
Raptr members, we want to hear what you think about next-gen and gaming in general – not so we can market to you, but because we’re genuinely interested. And so we can make some cool graphs when the survey’s over and show them to you.

So please, take a couple minutes (seriously, it won’t take longer than that) and run through this quick survey here, for the good of mankind. And because we’re also giving away dino plushies and a Raptr T-shirt to a few lucky survey takers!

Saints Row IV “Beauty” PageantBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as everyone knows, a beholder is a horrific, floating deathmonster with Steve Ballmer-level halitosis. So for this Raptr screenshot contest, we want you to show us your most…unfortunate…Saints Row IV character for a chance to win a wacky prize pack that includes a Saints Row IV season pass, Logitech F710 wireless gamepad, G510 gaming keyboard, and a mix of gaming items that you may or may not find upsetting! Two runner-ups will also win a Saints Row IV season pass.

Don’t wait for Halloween — submit your eye-melting entries to our Saints Row IV “Beauty” Pageant contest page here.

Rewards Walkthrough recap
Last week, Raptr’s Rewards guy, High_strung, and Community Manager, LinkSmash, showcased the latest Warframe rewards on our Raptr Twitch channel. Watch the rewards walkthrough recap here.

Raptr Rewards
If you weren’t able to score one of the Warframe Raptr Rewards during the live stream, there’s still some packs left for you to claim — rank up and earn yours today! While you’re at it be sure to pick up your rewards for Dragon’s Prophet, End of Nations, MicroVolts, Blacklight Retribution, and Rift. Make sure you watch these upcoming rewards for Brick-Force gear and Guardians of Middle-Earth goodies!

Capture the Raptr

Our Raptr dino has had quite a summer! Check out our Capture the Raptr page to see where the little fellow has visited and apply to adopt a buddy of your own today!

Community Highlights
Looking to build a community of gamers and friends
by LizardKingLXXXI
Are you looking for new Xbox gaming friends up for all things fun? Stop by, say hi, and make some new Raptr friends now.

Mass Effect movie is five or six years away by TigusVidiks
Raptr member TigusVidiks doesn’t think a Mass Effect movie will ever see the light of day, but according to film producer Avid Arad, a Mass Effect film will be released in five to six years. Do you think this film will be worth the wait?

What build do you use? by NextGenNinja
Borderlands 2 may boast 87 kazillion guns, but the character builds you can create are just as limitless! What’s your vault hunter character skill tree look like?

League of Legends — worst community for a game? by AG TcBLliiTZz
Raptr member AG TcBLliiTZz believes that League of Legends has the worst community for a game in the world. Read his reasoning as to why then share your thoughts on this controversial issue.

Grand Theft Auto V crews by BigBoss96
Grand Theft Auto V is on the brink of being released and Raptr member BigBoss96 is looking to get ahead of the curve by looking to form a crew now. Sign up now to join him on his quest of GTA madness!

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