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This Week in Raptr: The Bureau Q&A Recap, Dragon’s Prophet Raptr Rewards, Saints Row IV ‘Beauty’ Pageant

Learn all about the hottest Raptr events, contests, Q&As, rewards and more with This Week in Raptr!

The Bureau: XCOM: Declassified Q&A recap

This past Wednesday, the development team behind The Bureau: XCOM: Declassified answered all of your classified-war questions regarding the game. Topics included the challenges they faced changing from first- to third-person perspective, why they chose the 60s as their backdrop, and some of the ideas they have for a sequel.

Raptr will announce the winners of the Vigilo Confido logo iron-on patches on the Q&A page here, so stay tuned!

Raptr Rewards: Dragon’s Prophet and Warframe

Dragon’s Prophet returns to Raptr with exclusive rewards! This Tuesday, September 3, Dragon’s Prophet fans ranked Amateur and above can claim powerful tickets, cards, buffs, and more depending on their rank (EU only). Find out more here!

Our Warframe set of Raptr Rewards are also available. Starter Packs (for new players) and Void Packs (for you pros) are both available — claim yours today! Also be sure to tune in for the Warframe Reward Stream on Wednesday, September 4. We will give away Starter and Void packs — no ranking up required!

Saints Row IV ‘Beauty’ Pageant

Do you have the best looks in all of Steelport? Enter our Saints Row IV “Beauty” Pageant and show us your most…unfortunate…custom character for a chance to win Logitech Gaming gear and a Saints Row IV Season Pass!

Submit your entries on our contest page here!

Raptr Two-Minute Community Survey

Coming soon — our super quick survey about next-gen and gaming in general. We’ll add the link in here shortly!

Community Highlights

What are your thoughts on K/D ratios? by Kraeysean
Kill/Death ratios in multiplayer games are a fast way to see how many times you’ve killed and been killed. However, Raptr member Kraeysean wants to know how much weight you place on this magical number.

Why the Wii U keeps winning me over by Leviathyn
Nintendo’s Wii U has yet to take the world by storm, but that does not mean it is a bad system. The folks at Leviathyn take a look at the ways Nintendo’s newest console is making all the right moves.

If you could change one thing in Skyrim, what would it be? by harrypro9
The world of Skyrim has won dozens of awards, but what if it was even better? Raptr member harrypro9 wants to know what you would like to see in its world.

What games made you cry? by Squidward
Time to break out the Kleenex: Raptr member Squidward wants to know what games made you cry. The “if any” is implied. Spoilers abound.

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