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This Week in Raptr: Upcoming Q&As, Strike a Death Pose, Raptr Postcard Contest, Rewards, Community Highlights

Welcome to This Week in Raptr — your go-to source for all things related to Raptr events, contests, gaming streams, Q&As, and more!

Upcoming Q&As
We’ve been quiet on the Q&A front for the past couple of weeks, but fear not — we’ll be back in full force with the dev teams behind Shadowrun Returns and The Bureau: XCOM: Declassified soon! Stay tuned for the full details on these upcoming Q&As.

James Plays Games Episode 1: Ride to Hell: Retribution
Like to watch pro gaming on Twitch? Well this is nothing like that — but tune in anyway as Raptr staffer James (AKA High_Strung) plays Ride to Hell: Retribution for the first time on Friday, August 16, starting at 1PM PT. If you saw James anchor our MicroVolts Rewards preview last week, you might be able to imagine what we’re all in for.

Catch all the bizarre fun on our Raptr Twitch channel.

Raptr Screenshot Contest: Blacklight Retribution Strike a (Death) Pose, Round 2

You’ve got until Sunday, August 18, to look good on your way out in Blacklight Retribution. So put on your fanciest armor and strike a death pose for a chance to win the exclusive Gold Pack or one of two Bronze Packs! Enter now in our contest page here or your deaths will be for naught.

Raptr Postcard Contest: Video game vacation hot spots

Summer’s quickly coming to a close, but keep the memories alive by showing us where you’ve traveled this summer…in video games! Show us the sights from Telara, Azeroth, Pandora, Tamriel, Tyria, Columbia, wherever the heck Minecraft takes place, or really any game that’s postcard worthy, for a chance to win a prize pack including: a Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse, G510 gaming keyboard, F710 wireless gamepad, and a Raptr T-shirt and hoodie!

You can enter your postcard-worthy screenshots on our contest page here.

Raptr Rewards
Act fast – our MicroVolts Raptr Set rewards are almost gone! While you’re at it, don’t forget to rank up and claim your rewards for End of Nations, Karaoke, AirMech, Rift, Defiance, and Blacklight Retribution.

Community Highlights
Are you excited for GTA V?
by natoump
In just a few weeks GTA V will launch and Raptr member natoump is curious to know, who is excited for the latest Grand Theft Auto title? Will you wait in line for the midnight release?

Is there such a thing as too much when it comes to modding video games? by s4ndm4n2006
Mods definitely add more to a gaming experience, but Raptr member s4ndm4n2006 wants to know, is there such a thing as too much?

What kind of character do you play as? by SLCruz
Female Argonian mage thief — that’s my Skyrim character. Find out what paths the Raptr Community has chosen and then share who you selected as Dovahkiin.

Looking for help with zombie easter eggs by ETNeeko
There are achievement hunters, gamers who strive for nothing but the highest level, and then there’s the group of players who just want to play a game to uncover some easter eggs. Join Raptr member ETNeeko as he journeys through Black Ops II’s zombie mode in search of some fancy easter eggs.

The Last of Us — the best interactive movie since Heavy Rain by Nicky le gentil
Raptr member Nicky le gentil really enjoys the story for The Last of Us despite its lack of actual game play. Read the comments in his post for details on what exactly he thinks is missing in this year’s potential game of the year.

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