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This Week in Raptr: MicroVolts Rewards, Gallery Widget Update, Postcard Contest

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, the best place to catch up on the latest Raptr Rewards, contests, community highlights, and more!

Raptr Rewards: MicroVolts and End of Nations

MicroVolts and the toy war have come to Raptr! Rank up to assemble an exclusive Raptr outfit for your character that not only looks stylish but also offers valuable HP and MP boosts too. Build your rank, watch all these rewards, and add them to your wardrobe when the go live later this week!

Those with Experienced or Dedicated ranks in select MOBA titles can now claim access to the End of Nations Alpha from now until August 14, 2013! Check out the reward page to see if you qualify!

Raptr Desktop App Gallery widget

Want to add text and crop your screenshots for maximum Internet-meme potential? Now you can with the Raptr Desktop App’s Gallery widget! Simply take a screenshot of any game supported by the Raptr Desktop App, then open the Gallery widget and select your screenshot to add text, crop, and then save your creation. You can find a complete how-to guide (with screenshots) here!

Postcard Contest: Video game hot spots

Summer’s in full effect and we’d love to see where you’ve traveled…in video games!

Show us the sights in your favorite video games for a chance to win Logitech gear and a Raptr T-shirt and hoodie! To enter, use the Raptr Desktop App’s Gallery widget to take a screenshot. Find out more here!

The contest ends on September 1, 2013.

BLR Strike a (Death) Pose Contest, Round 2

Go out in style! Show us your best Blacklight Retribution death pose and have a chance to win the exclusive Gold Pack or one of two Bronze Packs! For full details on how you can enter, check out the contest page here!

The contest ends Sunday, August 18, 2013.

Community Highlights

The best and worst characters in The Walking Dead by TheGrimBunny
Telltale’s The Walking Dead is packed full of characters gamers have grown to love…and hate. TheGrimBunny takes a look at which survivors he would want on his side…and which ones he would sacrifice to the zombie horde.

Who ISN’T excited for BioShock: Infinite — Burial at Sea? by Capsule Computers
BioShock Infinite’s world is about to get a lot bigger later this year with the upcoming Burial at Sea DLC. However, Capsule Computers wants to know if you are not completely sold on this return to the world of Rapture.

What’s your favorite game? by Rachael
Raptr member Rachael gets all nostalgic and asks a deeply personal question: what is your favorite game of all time?

The top 10 worst movies based on games by Yomaru
One of the things gamers dread the most is when one of their favorite titles gets adapted to film. Yomaru takes a look at the 10 worst movies based on games.

Who’s your favorite support champ in League of Legends? by GameSkinny
Playing support in League of Legends may not be glamorous, but it’s a necessary role. The folks at GameSkinny want to know which support champ is your favorite.

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