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This Week in Raptr: Neverwinter Q&A and Warframe playdate recaps, Twitch streams, Rewards, Screenshot contest

Take a look at This Week in Raptr and discover the latest Q&As, events, contests, and upcoming gaming stream antics!

Neverwinter Q&A recap
Last week, Neverwinter’s dev team stopped by for a Raptr Q&A. They answered your questions about the possibility of new classes, competitive gameplay, and how big of a risk it was going free-to-play. Check out the full Q&A recap here.

Warframe playdate recapWarframe’s DE_Sheldon and DERebecca joined Raptr’s community members for a Play with Devs Playdate and mini Q&A. Watch the replay of the game night, including the many community questions they answered, here and here!

Streaming on Raptr this week: Euro Truck Simulator 2, Star Wars Kinect
We’re bringing to life Raptr’s first live Twitch show, AM in the PM (Armi and Marcel in the afternoon) on Monday, July 29 at 2PM PT! Watch along as Raptr’s community manager, Armi AKA LinkSmash, and QA maestro, Marcel, play Euro Truck Simulator 2 while they discuss the latest happenings at Raptr and discuss the latest in gaming news, pop culture, and basically anything that comes to mind! Not for the faint of heart.

Star Wars Kinect and GRID 2
Watch along as Raptr staffers channel the force in Star Wars Kinect on Tuesday, July 30 at 1PM PT followed by reckless driving in GRID 2!

Raptr Screenshot Contest: BLR Strike a (Death) PoseIn most video games, dying is probably not your goal, but with this contest, now is your chance to go out in style. Your K/D may suffer a bit, but you can brag to other BLR players that you looked damn good on your way to respawning.

Whether you’re decorating the ground with your corpse or posing/taunting one of your fallen victims, show us your best Blacklight Retribution death pose and have a chance to win the exclusive Gold Pack or one of two Bronze Packs!

For full details on how you can enter, check out the contest page here!

Raptr Rewards
We’ve got a slew of exclusive rewards for the taking — claim yours now before time runs out! There’s rewards for Defiance, End of Nations, Karaoke, AirMech, Rumble Fighter, and much more!

Community Highlights
How many games have you 100% completed?
by RoinujX1
Achievement hunters! Raptr user RoinujX wants to know, how many games have you conquered all achievements/trophies for?

What is your game of the year thus far? by Mr Man Boy
Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us — these are a few titles that many gamers are aptly naming “Game of the Year.” Join the discussion on which game of 2013 deserves the coveted title.

Trolls being trolls by InsertBoxHere
Check out Raptr member InsertBoxHere’s screenshot of “trolls being trolls” in League of Legends where the playing field is lined with Abi’s mushrooms. Then discuss what else gripes your League play.

What does your character look like? by Vendayn
Raptr member Vendayn is showing off his seductive Skyrim character and wants to see yours. PC players, use the Raptr app screenshot feature and share your fearsome Dovahkiin now.

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