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This Week in Raptr: End of Nations Rewards, Desktop App Twitch Support, Upcoming Streams

Got Raptr on the brain? You’re at the right place — this is This Week in Raptr, your spot for all the latest Q&As, contests, gaming streams, events, and more happening on Raptr.com!

Raptr Community Playdate: Play with Warframe developers live stream!

Warframe’s DE_Sheldon and DERebecca will invite community members to join them in-game as they put their skills to the test in a number of world-saving missions on Tuesday, July 23 at 1PM PT/4PM ET!

Can’t make it? You can watch all of the action on Raptr’s Twitch channel as well!

Also streaming live on Raptr: Rock Band 3 and Smite

This week on Raptr’s Twitch, the Raptr staff will make beautiful music together in Rock Band 3! Got a request, or just want to see us struggle through “Freebird?” Join us this Friday, July 26 at 1PM PT when we go live!

Those who would rather battle against the gods are also covered, as Raptr’s LinkSmash will stream Smite on Wednesday, July 24 at 11AM PT.

Raptr Rewards: End of Nations Beta

End of Nations is reborn! Raptr has partnered exclusively with Trion Worlds to give core MOBA gamers the chance to jump into the brand new game before anyone else and give it a test run.

Those ranked Newbie or Amateur in top MOBA games on Raptr can claim exclusive access to the End of Nations Alpha. As a thank you for taking part, all Raptr members who play the End of Nations Alpha will earn a sleek and unique Raptr skin set, usable in Open Beta and onwards.

Have a higher ranking in a MOBA? Raptr will release Alpha keys over the next few weeks for MOBA players of different ranks (from Newbie to Elite), so watch your email and Raptr site notifications for your chance to play!

The new Raptr Desktop App, now with Twitch streaming!

The latest update to the Raptr Desktop App now supports Twitch streaming!

Just about all PC games that work with Raptr’s In-Game Overlay will also let you stream to Twitch without any additional software or setup. Make sure to use a good broadband connection and a relatively powerful computer to get the most out of your streams! This feature is still in beta so additional improvements are on the way!

Check out this quick how-to video and download the Raptr Desktop App here!

Raptr Screenshot Contest: Blacklight Retribution Strike a (Death) Pose, Round 2

Death is inevitable — might as well go down in style.

Raptr wants you to live free and die hard with our Blacklight Retribution Screenshot Contest. Your K/D ratio may suffer a bit, but you can brag to other BLR players that you looked damn good on your way to respawning.

To enter, use your Raptr Desktop App to take a screenshot of your best death pose and directly upload from the Raptr App.

Your death will not be in vain — those with the best screenshots have a shot at a Gold Pack Code and two Bronze codes!

Community Highlights

Post your best Final Fantasy XIV scenery shots! by Relleum
Have you had a chance to take in the beauty of Final Fantasy XIV? If you are one of the lucky ones that made it into the beta, Relleum wants to see some scenery shots that would make Bob Ross proud. Don’t forget to use the Raptr Desktop App to take your screenshots!

Let’s 100% the Gears of War series by NitroStacks
Want to max out your Gamerscore in the Gears of War games? If so, NitroStacks has the program for you! Whether it is co-op or Horde mode, he is looking for people in all four games in the series.

Playing devil’s advocate against the popular Steam sale by Amaya
Valve’s Steam sales are loved by gamers worldwide, but what if these discounts aren’t so nice as they appear? Amaya plays devil’s advocate and takes a look at the darker side of these deals.

Self-publishing and crowdfunding benefits the gaming industry by igrChief
Crowdfunding through platforms like Kickstarter gave birth to such gems as the Ouya and Massive Chalice. igrChief takes a look at why offering developers this option is a boon to gaming.

The gaming community is sadly still very toxic towards its female members…but it doesn’t have to be by NateHohl
Anyone should be able to enjoy video games, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or occupation. However, VGU.tv’s Nate Hohl noticed the toxic reception female gamers often receive from the gaming community and suggests the steps we as gamers can take to help fight it.

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