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This Week in Raptr: Neverwinter Q&A, Upcoming Twitch Streams, Raptr Dektop App Update

Want to catch up on all of the latest Q&As, contests, gaming streams, events, and more? Look no further; this is This Week in Raptr!

Raptr Q&A

Our next Q&A session will pay host to the development team behind the F2P MMO Neverwinter – stay tuned for more details!

Is there a Q&A session you would like to see? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Streaming live on Raptr

This week on Raptr’s Twitch, it’s an all-out Brawl. Watch as Raptr staffers throw down in Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii this Friday, and see who will come out on top! Specifics coming shortly.

Raptr Desktop App update coming soon!

The new Raptr Desktop App will launch soon, with some exciting features we can’t wait to reveal. Stay tuned!

Raptr Rewards

We’ve got a great reward for RTS fans in the works — that’s all we can say for now, but we should have more news later this week!

We’re almost out of our Dead Island: Riptide rewards — we’ve also got rewards for Karaoke, Rift, BruceLee.com, Defiance, AirMech, and more. Play games, rank up, earn rewards!

Community Highlights

Clocked nearly 30 hours playing Minecraft this weekend. What’s your longest time playing? by kittybooo

Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon, and for good reason — it’s easy to lose track of time in its blocky world. Raptr member kittybooo wants to know exactly how much time you have logged into the game.

The best games to play this summer by Amaya

The dog days of summer might not offer much in the way of new games, but that does not mean there aren’t any good games to enjoy. While gamers wait for all of the new releases of the fall, Amaya takes a look at the best 2013 games available right now.

Have you been happy with your DLC Season Pass experiences? Do you even buy them? by GameSkinny

Downloadable content: Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. The question is, are you for or against Season Passes that include multiple pieces of DLC together for one low price?

I’m terrible at MOBAs, and I want to learn how to play them by JMadFour

MOBAs require skill, teamwork, and lots of dedication. Raptr member JMadFour wants to get into the craze, and he wants to get good fast. Got any pointers?

League of Legends or DOTA 2? by wizZz

Chocolate or vanilla? Coke or Pepsi? Peanut butter or jelly? How about LoL or DOTA 2? Pick a side and support your cause!

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