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This Week in Raptr: State of Decay Q&A recap, Black Ops II playdate, Twitch streams, Rewards, Community Highlights

This week in Raptr — your go-to source for all things related to Raptr.com including Q&As, contests, gaming streams, events, and shenanigans we want you to be a part of!

Raptr Q&A recap
Last week, State of Decay’s dev team stopped by for a Raptr Q&A. Read what they had to say about the possibility of a PC port, upcoming improvements, and the game’s origins in the thread here.

Up next we’ve got Neverwinter devs! We’ll keep you posted on the details.

Raptr Updates

Not to brag but we’ve got some shiny new upgrades: overhauled member info cards, gamer ID verification, and a new following system. Read all about ’em here!

Raptr Community Playdate

Soldiers! Join Raptr staff and community members as we host a Black Ops II (360) Raptr Community Playdate on Thursday, July 11, from 1-3PM PT. To participate, be sure to leave your gamertag in the thread here. If you can’t join in the action, be sure to watch on our Raptr Twitch channel.

See you on the battlefield!

Streaming live on Raptr

Join us in our Raptr Twitch channel on Friday, July 12, starting at 1PM PT as we get up and play the psychedelic Child of Eden. On top of that, we’ll be demoing the Oculus Rift! Don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Stay connected as we may have more to stream for you this week!

Raptr Rewards
We’re almost out of our Dead Island: Riptide rewards — start ranking up now and claim your stylish rewards. We’ve also got rewards for Karaoke, Rift, BruceLee.com, Defiance, AirMech, and more. Play games, rank up, earn rewards!

Community Highlights
The Dark Brotherhood or the Thieves Guild?
by chokebee
Are you a sleight-of-hand master or do you find more thrill in taking lives in the world of Skyrim? Confess your double life in the comments!

Consoles vs PC by yougotgame100
Read and share your thoughts about the platforms you and the Raptr community will play on this upcoming holiday season.

Xbox One — Everything I want in a console by WestraptorPRO
Never mind the negative feedback surrounding the Xbox One — Raptr member WestraptorPRO believes that it’s the console for him. Read his reasoning why and then share how you feel about the next gen console.

A serious case of rock, paper, scissors rage by XxGLAMPIRExX
RPGs are always tough for me because I worry about making the “wrong” choice; Raptr member XxGLAMPIRExX is no different. Read her comments about the struggles she’s facing as she plays The Walking Dead.

I think we might need to redecorate the kitchen by cadpig
Check out Raptr user cadpig’s Left 4 Dead screenshot — he and his friends made a bit of a mess in the kitchen.

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