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This Week in Raptr: Neverwinter Q&A, Defiance Rewards, Community Highlights

From our high-tech dino pen to your computer, this is This Week in Raptr, your one-stop shop for all the latest Q&As, contests, gaming streams, events, and news happening on Raptr.com!

Raptr Q&A: State of Decay, Neverwinter

State of Decay’s Undead Labs is currently manning the Raptr Q&A fort until 6PM PT today, answering all of your questions about game development and possible end-of-the-world zombie-outbreak scenarios. Get your questions in here!

Coming soon, the folks behind the new F2P MMO Neverwinter will swing by for a Q&A. Stay tuned for more info!

Raptr Rewards: Defiance

This Tuesday, June 2, Defiance fans can claim the Elite Drifter Pack, Starter Pack, and the exclusive Raptr Duni on Raptr. Bump up that rank and claim your Reward today!

Bruce Lee Video Game Imitator Beatdown

Two characters entered, one character left.

After one month of intense battles and voting, we now have our Bruce Lee video game imitator winner! Congratulations to Forest Law, our Bruce Lee video game imitator winner!

Celebrate Forest Law’s victory and claim exclusive discounts to the BruceLee.com Store now from Raptr!

Community Highlights

Skyrim fans: Imperials or Stormcloaks? by chokebee
Imperials or Stormcloaks: Which side should win the war? Pledge your allegiance and let your voice be heard.

Contenders for game of the year…so far by TyunoTheGreat
This year is only halfway over, but the world of gaming has already seen a number of strong games. Which titles would you deem the best of 2013 so far?

Check out my drawing of my Warframe! by laberderberderp

Putting ink to paper, Raptr member laberderberderp has drawn his Warframe of choice.

Who is your favorite character in The Last of Us? by seandizzL88
The story-driven survival game The Last of Us pays host to characters with some serious depth. Without spoiling too much, who did you bond with the most?

New to DOTA 2? Here are some tips for any newcomers by Dreaves
Raptr member Dreaves wants to make sure your first experience in DOTA 2 is a pleasant one and has drafted up some tips for all newcomers.

Check out my Raptr-related Minecraft creations! by Silver Dragon

Built over the course of three days, Raptr member Silver Dragon has created his own Raptr paradise in Minecraft. Introducing…RaptrCraft!

Who is better: BioShock: Infinite’s Elizabeth or The Last of Us’s Ellie? by Amaya
Which escort mission did you prefer? Does Elizabeth from BioShock: Infinite reign supreme, or does newcomer Ellie in The Last of Us take the crown?

Which champion in League of Legends do you hate playing against the most? by Akamagician
From the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest peasant, every League of Legends player has a champion they absolutely, positively loathe. Raptr member Akamagician wants to know who that champion is.

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