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This Week in Raptr: Shannon Lee and Double Fine Q&As, Bruce Lee Month, Twitch streaming

Welcome to this week’s edition of, erm…This Week in Raptr, where you will discover the latest Raptr Q&As, contests, gaming streams, events, and shenanigans we have going on Raptr.com!

Raptr Q&A
Shannon Lee

Our Raptr Q&A on Monday, June 24, Shannon Lee, daughter of the legendary Bruce Lee is over, but you can read what she has to say about martial arts and her father here!

Double FineWe’ve got another dose of Raptr Q&A this week, this time with MASSIVE CHALICE developers Double Fine. Join Brad Muir and John Swisshelm as they take the Q&A hotseat on Tuesday, June 25 from 11AM-6PM PT where they’ll answer your questions about game development, crowdfunding, and giant goblets.

The person with the top question will earn the $150 backer tier reward from their MASSIVE CHALICE Kickstarter which includes an exclusive MASSIVE CHALICE t-shirt, poster designed by Cory Schmitz, your name in the credits and as a Bloodline in the game, a special edition boxed copy, a digital copy of the OST, and more!

Bruce Lee Month
It’s the last week of Bruce Lee Month on Raptr. We’ve still got a few more events, contests, and streams going on through the end of the month. Our Bruce Lee rewards will continue so continue ranking up!

See Shannon Lee’s video message to Raptr members here

Bruce Lee theme contest
Add some kick to our Raptr themes and submit your Bruce Lee-inspired backgrounds for a chance to win an Enter the Dragon Limited Edition Collector’s Pack ($150 value!). Show us your graphic art skills now as the contest ends Sunday, June 30th.

Bruce Lee Video Game Imitator BeatdownAfter three weeks of intense battles and extremely close semifinal beatdowns, we now have our Bruce Lee video game imitator finalists! Get your votes in now as poll closes on Friday, June 28. Every vote you cast will be an entry to win an Enter the Dragon Limited Edition Collector’s Pack ($150 value!

Streaming on Raptr this week
Wednesday, June 26, starting at 8PM PT
, Hacky will be streaming Scrolls! Join Raptr staff and community members on our Raptr Twitch channel to chat and get in on the action!

Friday, June 28, starting at 1PM PT, we’re bringing you more button mashing with Super Street Fighter IV. Tune into our Raptr Twitch channel to see which Raptr staffer can find their inner Bruce Lee and challenge us to a few matches.

Community Highlights
Microsoft backtracks on DRM
by xFricker
The general gaming public was in uproar after Microsoft unveiled full details about the Xbox One during E3, specifically when it came to DRM. A week later, Microsoft backtracks on the XBOX One policies to suit consumers’ needs. How do you feel?

The end of video game discs and game stores? by shadow_prince
We’re living in a digital world and gamers are quickly conforming to quick and easy downloads. Is this the end for video game discs and game stores?

Opinions on the rework of Master Yi? by bladeJr
League of Legends’ Master Yi was recently reworked as a new model with polished animations, new voice over, as well as an abilities upgrade. Are you a fan of these changes?

How many people have Fus Ro Dah’d Lydia off a cliff? by AceGraham
Playing Skyrim isn’t complete without Fus Ro Dah-ing Lydia off a cliff! Admit your misdeeds in the post now.

The Last of Us — The best game ever? by Sloopydrew
The Last of Us released to remarkable reviews last week and Raptr user Sloopydrew couldn’t agree any more. He believes that it is the best game EVER! Share your thoughts on the survival horror title.

Amazing game. Now time to move on by Charles Brasa
Raptr user Charles Brasa is another fan of The Last of Us. He loves it so much that he absolutely doesn’t want a sequel! Do you think a game’s story can be so great it doesn’t need a sequel?

What’s the first thing you do when you create a world? by xFricker
Minecraft is a game that allows you to take your imagination anywhere. I’ve seen Game of Thrones castles replicated, Tetris in block form…but what do players first do when they create a new world?

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