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This Week in Raptr: Shannon Lee Q&A, Defiance Raptr Rewards, Halo 4 Community Game Night

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Bruce Lee Month is in full swing, as you can see by these Bruce-related events….

Raptr Q&A: Shannon Lee

On Monday, June 24 from 10AM-6PM PT, Shannon Lee, daughter of one of the greatest martial arts master of all time, Bruce Lee, will participate in a Raptr Q&A. Get a head start and ask your questions now as we’ll award three Enter the Dragon Limited Edition Collector’s Packs ($179.95) and one Enter the Dragon Limited Edition Ultimate Collector’s Pack ($300) to the users with the top questions asked!

Bruce Lee Video Game Imitator Beatdown Tournament

The contestants in our quarterfinals gave it their all, but you have spoken and we have narrowed down the competition to four worthy finalists!

Check out who made it into the semifinals and vote now for the fighters you want to advance to the finals. Voting for round three ends on Friday, June 21!

Every vote you cast is an entry to win an Enter the Dragon Limited Edition Collector’s Pack ($179.95 value!) that includes:

  • Enter The Dragon 40th anniversary Blu-ray, with bonus materials
  • Limited Edition Print (500) “Classic Bruce Lee” by Sugarhara
  • Exclusive Mirrors T-Shirt by Hybrid

The prize pack winner will be chosen at the end of the beatdown finals.

Raptr Theme Contest: Bruce Lee

Add some kick to our Raptr themes and submit your Bruce Lee-inspired backgrounds for a chance to win an Enter the Dragon Limited Edition Collector’s Pack.

The contest ends Sunday, June 30.

Streaming live on Raptr: Halo 4 Community Game Night and Mortal Kombat

Tune into our Raptr Twitch channel on Friday, June 21, starting at noon as Raptr staff test their might against each other and community members in Mortal Kombat (360)! To participate, tune into our Twitch channel when we go live and we’ll invite players to join us.

Raptr will also host a Community Game Night for Halo 4 this Thursday, May 20, from 12PM to 2PM. Sign up here!

Defiance Raptr Rewards

Take charge in Defiance with Raptr’s upcoming set of rewards for discounts, armor, and gear — including the exclusive Orange Duni! Stay tuned for more info!

We’ve still got rewards for BruceLee.com, Blacklight: Retribution, Prima Guides, Rumble Fighter, and more! Play games, rank up, and claim your rewards!

First official Zombie Tycoon 2 summer tournament

Got a hankering for brains? The folks at Frima Studios have opened the registrations for the first official Zombie Tycoon 2 tournament! Prizes include shirts, avatars, and free copies of the game for your friends.

The deadline for signups is June 25, so sign up today!

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