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This Week in Raptr: E3 predictions, Bruce Lee month, Rewards, Community Highlights

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your go-to source for all things related to Raptr events, contests, rewards, and the best from the community you’re a part of!

The official E3 2013 prediction and reaction thread
E3 is in full swing and we’re taking your predictions and reactions! Will the Steam Box make waste of all next gen consoles? What old franchises will resurface? Which new console will have the best launch line-up, price, and approach to used games?

Bruce Lee month

In honor of one of the greatest martial arts masters of all time and the 40th anniversary of Enter the Dragon, Raptr has teamed up with BruceLee.com, the official home of Bruce Lee’s martial arts and cultural legacy, to bring you a fistful of events, contests, game nights, and Rewards!

Raptr Q&A: Shannon Lee

On Monday, June 24 from 10AM-6PM PT, Shannon Lee, daughter of one of the greatest martial arts master of all time, Bruce Lee, will grace us with her presence for a Raptr Q&A. Get a head start and ask your questions here now as we’ll award three Enter the Dragon Limited Edition Collector’s Packs ($179.95) and one Enter the Dragon Limited Edition Ultimate Collector’s Pack ($300) to the users with the top questions asked!

Bruce Lee Video Game Imitator Beatdown Tournament

The round of 16 match ups were close, but after grueling battles, we have our quarterfinal fighters!

Check out who made it into the quarterfinals and vote now for the fighters you want to advance to the semifinals. Voting for round two ends on Friday, June 14!

From this point on, every vote you cast is an entry to win an Enter the Dragon Limited Edition Collector’s Pack ($179.95 value!) that includes:

  • Enter The Dragon 40th anniversary blu-ray, with bonus materials
  • Limited Edition Print (500) “Classic Bruce Lee” by Sugarhara
  • Exclusive Mirrors T-Shirt by Hybrid

Prize pack winner will be selected at the end of the beatdown finals.

Raptr Theme Contest: Bruce Lee
Add some kick to our Raptr themes and submit your Bruce Lee-inspired backgrounds for a chance to win an Enter the Dragon Limited Edition Collector’s Pack.

Streaming live on Raptr: Street Fighter x Tekken
Tune into our Raptr Twitch channel on Friday, June 14 starting at noon as Raptr staff will challenge each other and community members in Street Fighter X Tekken (360)! To participate, tune into our Twitch channel when we go live and we’ll invite players to join us.

We’ve still got rewards for BruceLee.com, Blacklight: Retribution, Dragon’s Prophet, Prima Guides, Rumble Fighter, and more! Play games, rank up, and claim your rewards!

Community Highlights
What is your worst moment in Skyrim?
by Marine1Ten
Raptr user Marine1Ten is filled with regrets after he sacrificed Lydia to get an achievement in Skyrim. The saddest moment for me was when my horse perished mysteriously after I went to explore a cave. *tear* Read what other members have to say and then share the worst moments in your Skyrim life.

Top three champions you hate? by CHEECHisB4CK
Raptr user CHEECHisB4CK absolutely despises League of Legends champions with absurd amounts of health regeneration. There’s also a general Raptr consensus that Teemo is way too overpowered. Join the venting circle and talk about your three most hated LoL champions.

Minecraft or Terraria? 3D or 2D? by AppearingAleks
Battle of the blocks commence! Raptr user AppearingAleks is having a hard time deciding between Minecraft and Terraria. Share your opinions on which game is better or if neither reigns as supreme king of the blocks.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom Frank West fanart by LeiFangHelenaFan
Raptr user LeiFangHelenaFan is such a fanatic when it comes to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that she creates hand-drawn works of art. Check out the rest of her drawings now. We love fanart! Share yours today!

Halo 4 Community Game Night by Kaz
Raptr user Kaz is holding a community game night for Halo 4 on Friday, June 14 at 4PM PT. Leave your gamertag in his post now to join in the Blue vs. Red battles.

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