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This Week in Raptr: Dead Island: Riptide recap, Prima Raptr Rewards, Spring Cleaning Challenge

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on Raptr.com!

Raptr Q&A: Dead Island: Riptide Recap

This past Friday, Dead Island: Riptide’s Creative Producer Anthony Cardahi answered all of your zombie-vacation-related Qs in our latest Q&A. Zombie-hunting aficionados got to ask Mr. Cardahi got into game development, why zombies can’t swim, and how Riptide newcomer John Morgan was inspired by a melee-centric Dead Island 1 mod.

Raptr Rewards: Prima eGuides

Get ahead of the game with our Prima Games eGuide Raptr Rewards for SimCity and Battlefield 3, launching May 7!

Raptr Community Game Night: League of Legends and Star Trek Online Recap

This past Friday, Raptr staff and community members got together for our League of Legends Community Game Night. Commentary was provided by Raptr’s very own hacky, burn, and LinkSmash on Raptr’s Twitch channel, and we even gave some Raptr plushies a new home!

You can watch the stream here.

We also had something for the Trekkies: Last Saturday, Star Trek Online’s Community Manager Brandon Felczer previewed STO’s latest expansion, Legacy of Romulus, on Raptr’s Twitch channel. Throughout the dev demo, the team gave away three Starter Packs and a Legacy Pack to one lucky fan.

You can catch up on the stream here.

Raptr Spring Cleaning Challenge: Tame your 2012 pile of shame

Dust off your 2012 gaming library and unlock some achievements for a chance to win a game of your choice! You have until now till the end of May to finish up last year’s pile of shame. Read about the contest details, including the qualifying games, in this post here.

Community Highlights
My top 10 tips for first-time players in Dark Souls by steini81
It’s dangerous to go alone in Dark Souls. New adventurers best heed the words of Raptr member steini81, lest they want a face full of death.

What music do you guys listen to while you play shooters? by Fin
How do you get your groove on in battle? Raptr member Fin wants to know what you listen to while you frag.

If you could have a custom weapon (gun & attachments) in Warframe, what would it be? by nick120897
Do you think Warframe could benefit from a rocket launcher or two? Maybe a boomerang, or perhaps a scythe? Raptr member nick120897 wants to know what gear you want to see added to this game.

What is your favorite race in Skyrim? by lady_mjolnir
With 10 different races, each with their own abilities and powers, one needs to design their character in Skyrim carefully. Raptr member lady_mjolnir wants to know which one you prefer to go out adventuring with.

Can Bethesda make survival horror games scary again with The Evil Within? by Mortilect
Resident Evil’s Shinji Mikami recently unveiled his latest project — the horror-themed Bethesda title The Evil Within. Raptr member Mortilect wants to know how you felt about the trailer, and if this is the shot in the arm the genre needs.

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