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This Week in Raptr: Defiance Q&A, Theme Contest, Game Nights, Guncraft play session recap

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on Raptr.com!

Raptr Q&A: Defiance and The Behemoth recap

This week we’ve got Defiance’s Executive Producer and VP of Development Nathan Richardsson and Community Manager Lance “Myll_Erik” James taking the Raptr Q&A stage. The duo will be answering all your Defiance video game and TV show questions on Wednesday, April 17th from 10AM to 6PM PT.

Start asking your questions now in this post here; “like” the questions you most want answered and they’ll try to get to them first! The top five questions will earn PC Digital Deluxe copies of the game ($99 value)! They’ll also be dropping a few Digital Deluxe codes throughout the Q&A so stay tuned in!

Last week we were graced by the folks behind BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, and Alien Hominid, The Behemoth. Dan Paladin, Emil Ayoubkhan, Ian Moreno, and Megan Lam were on hand to field your ridiculous questions. Find out why cats are a common theme in their games, how a slap from Poseidon feels, and the theory floating around that they’re all clones in The Behemoth Q&A here.

Raptr’s Spring Theme Contest

Gamers! Artists! MS Paint dabblers! Raptr’s looking for some new Raptr themes that will make user dashboards shine! Show your skills and submit your entries now for a chance to win a Raptr backpack, plushie, and shirt!

Raptr Community Game Nights: Halo 4 recap and Blacklight Retribution

Last week we held a Halo 4 game night that seriously ended with a gravity hammer bang! Way to come back on Griftball, Blue team! Raptr user MojoJojo19Kilo said that it was the “most fun I have had with Halo 4. Thanks Raptr!” While JayBeazey said, “Thanks for organizing another successful community gathering, where the community was able to express our love for each other by repeatedly killing each other for entertainment. I look forward to the next one.”

Thank you again to all community members who participated and to Raptr All-Star Kaz for helping with hosting duties!

If you missed the Halo 4 game night or are looking to reconnect with the players who attended, be sure to check out our Halo 4 gamertag post here.

We’re also working on a Blacklight Retribution game night with the devs! Tune in for more details.

Guncraft Play Session Recap
Last week, Raptr was given an inside look at the FPS builder, Guncraft. Watch the replay of the play session here. To Block and Load, visit the official Guncraft website and sign up for the beta now.

Community Highlights
Make Xbox Friends: Post your gamertag, games you play here
by toxiclegendz2012
Looking for a specific age group to play with on Xbox Live? No worries. Connect with other Raptr users and leave your gamertag, games you play, and the age group you’d most like to play with.

Anyone else [bleep] their pants? by SamMallin
The folks at Irrational Games sure know how to toy with gamers’ emotions. Read about the many horrific (but hilarious) reactions the Raptr community has had with BioShock Infinite and how Raptr user SamMallin figuratively soiled himself as he played. Beware, the thread is filled with minor spoilers.

Share your thoughts on upcoming consoles? by Blood Wulf27
Are you a loyalist or will you jump ship? Share your thoughts on the next generation of consoles; will you purchase one or all of the new consoles or stick with what you have now?

What’s your badass rank? by KoRnyGx
With 87 kazillion guns at your disposal in Borderlands 2, it’s no wonder Gearbox didn’t put a level cap to your badass rank. Raptr user KoRnyGx just reached 15,199 — what’s your badassery level?

Opinions on Defiance? by NeverDeadly
Raptr user NeverDeadly has yet to pick up Defiance. He’s spoken with friends, read reviews, and watched game footage but just isn’t quite sure whether he should pick it up. Help him out and share your opinion on the game.

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