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This Week in Raptr: GRID 2 Q&A Recap, Valentine’s Day Poetry Slam, Community Game Nights

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on Raptr.com!

GRID 2 Q&A Recap
Last week, GRID 2’s Ross Gowing (senior games designer) and Iain Smith (producer) took the helm of our latest Raptr Q&A. They discussed the difficulty of making cars realistically function in a virtual space, feeling like a hero while playing the game, and the many different terrains and race types that will keep the game diverse. If you weren’t quick enough to catch last week’s GRID 2 Q&A, read the full recap here. We’ve also selected not five, but eight lucky winners to attend this week’s exclusive GRID 2 preview event! Congratulations to all the winners!

Coming soon on the Q&A front, we have the folks behind Machinima, Skulls of the Shogun, and Assassin’s Creed!

Valentine’s Day Poetry Slam

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Wub wub wub.
Borderlands 2.

Do you feel the need to share your wub as you skip along the lands of Pandora? Perhaps you find yourself screaming more words of love at the Dovahkiin than at your significant other? In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, pen a poem of your innermost feelings for beloved (or hated) video games and/or characters, and be entered to win a game of your choice (of $60 value) or a $60 Amazon Gift Card!

Raptr Community Game Nights

This week, we’re donning our most precious hats and jumping into the Red and Blu of Team Fortress 2! Just leave your IGN in this post here and we’ll invite you to a night of Mann vs. Machine (or good ol’ Man vs. Man) this Wednesday, February 6 from 4-6PM PST!

Looking for more Raptr Community Members to play with? Check out our Black Ops II gamertag thread or partake in the Raptr Community’s Weekly Game Night for Halo 4 here. According to Raptr user AWildSlumpy, “I had a lot of fun and the guys are really good people. I didn’t think I’d have that much of a good time. Definitely going to do that more often.” Join in on the fun!

Blacklight Retribution US/EU Premium Servers
For those who enjoyed the week of Blacklight Retribution premium server madness, how about a month of action?! Just search for the room “Raptr” hosted by me, LinkSmash on Blacklight Retribution’s US and EU servers and take more awkward death poses!

Community Highlights
Which universe do you think is bigger, Halo or Mass Effect? by Jeux742
Halo and Mass Effect are seemingly set in the same universe, but how they’re displayed in each game series is quite debatable. Do you think the covenant-infested rings of the Halo Universe are far larger than the reaches of the mass effect relays? Or perhaps they both share the same air space? Join in on the discussion now.

Am I the only one that was quite happy with the end of Mass Effect 3? by mmameatboy
Amidst the old controversy, Raptr user mmameatboy is quite happy with the Mass Effect 3 ending. Are you a firm believer of the Indoctrination Theory or are you pleased with the extended cuts?

Hardest champion to play? by sephiroth70001
With over 150 champions to choose from in League of Legends, which champion do you find the most difficult to use? A lot of Raptr users seem to agree that Twisted Fate is a tough one to master. Agree or disagree; share your thoughts!

What would you like to see in Borderlands 3? by LegacyEtheRBOLO
Borderlands 2, to date, is still one of Raptr’s most played games since its release. With a third title surely in the works, what would you like to see in the next installment? More wub? Tiny Tina as a playable character? 100 Kazillion guns?! Jump in the discussion!

Borderland 2’s writer says he’ll change Tiny Tina if she conveys racism, as some players think. by Squeezit
Tiny Tina, an insane little girl with a hunger for torture or a racist character? What?! Read on as the heated argument takes place over whether or not Tiny Tina’s dialog is racist and should be changed.

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