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This Week in Raptr: Raptr Upgrades, Far Cry Week, Black Ops II Emblem Contest, Community Game Nights, Rewards

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on Raptr.com!

Raptr Updates:  Community Upgrades

We just rolled out some community upgrades to Raptr.com. Discovering new communities has never been easier! To find and join more communities, simply click on the new “Discover Communities” button at the top right on the dashboard. The community will appear in your new Raptr carousel on your dashboard. We’ve also got a new “Raptr” topic that will keep you up-to-date on the latest that Raptr has to offer. For a complete look at all the upgrades, check out the full blog here.

Far Cry Week: Q&A and Gameplay Challenge

Far Cry 3 Q&A

Tomorrow, January 22nd, from 10AM-6PM PST, Far Cry 3’s Mark Thompson and Lucien Soulban will journey into the heart of insanity and answer all your Far Cry-related questions. The top questions will win concept art created during the development of Far Cry 3, so start asking now.

But wait, there’s more; take part in the Far Cry 3 Gameplay Challenge! Players who rank up to Dedicated or above in Far Cry 3 on Raptr by January 29 have a chance to win the all-new Far Cry 3 Deluxe Bundle DLC. We have 100 codes each for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 (some region restrictions apply). Read about the details here.

Black Ops II Emblem Contest

From Hello Kitty to Deadpool, the Raptr community members sure knows how to design their emblems for war. Share your Black Ops II emblem designs for a chance to win a Raptr T-shirt and dino plushie! Contest ends on Friday, February 1st.

Community Game Nights

Last week’s Black Ops II game night featured over 20 community members with a thirst to kill. Raptr user elgamer “had a good time playing with the Raptr community” while x4HMxDBLOCK had fun killing everyone (mostly me) with tomahawks.

PC players, be on the lookout: We have community game nights lined up for Team Fortress 2, StarCraft II, and another round of Blacklight Retribution onslaught. Tune in for more details!

Raptr Rewards

This Thursday we’re giving away 2000 codes that will unlock any one character in  the intense team-combat game, FreeFall Tournament to players ranked Newbie or above. Watch the reward now!

We’ve also got a few more rewards for Rift, Project Blackout, and KingsRoad. Play games, rank up, and redeem your rewards today!

Community Highlights
Your top three all-time favorite game quotes? by Sgt Bubbles
From “…” to “how did you know stairs were my ONLY weakness?!” Sgt Bubbles shares her all-time favorite quotes from the video games she adores. Read other memorable quotes loved by the Raptr community as well as share your own!

The most addicting games of the past decade by LinkSmash
I don’t have a problem, I swear! Minecraft is just fun! Chime in with the games that have taken all your attention.

Serious ranked team by ladyalpha
Raptr user ladyalpha is looking for a few good League of Legends gamers who are serious about ranked play. Do you have what it takes? Sign up now!

What animal do you hate the most in Far Cry 3? by rytram
Snakes, sharks, or Vaas? Raptr user rytram wants to know which animal really grinds at your last nerves in Far Cry 3?

Does anyone else think “I could build that?” by kryten2p4c
Everyday buildings are inspiration enough for Raptr user kryten2p4c, who thinks “I could build that” in the world of Minecraft. Do you feel the same way? Better yet, have you imitated life in Minecraft-art form?

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