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Raptr Updates: Community Upgrades

We’ve just rolled out a bunch of improvements to — read on for a summary of the important stuff!

Top Highlights: The “Hot on Raptr” button you have come to know and (maybe) love is now called the “Top Highlights” button. Not only has it received a name change, but it’s now in a more prominent spot on the left of the top carousel on your dashboard. Top Highlights shows only the best content across the multiple communities that you have joined, although if you select Sort: Popular it will display top posts from all topics.

New Raptr topics: We’ve added the “Raptr” topic to your dashboard carousel. The Raptr topic will keep you up-to-date on website and desktop app updates as well as our developer Q&As and other community events. We also have a “Raptr Community” topic, which is an open forum where you can ask questions about Raptr and talk about gaming in general.

Communities: There are now even more ways to interact with your favorite communities on Raptr. We’ve added the ability to join or leave communities, and the top carousel on your dashboard now only shows communities that you have joined. To find and join more communities, simply click on the new “Discover Communities” button at the top right on the dashboard.

Weekly Summary: Your Weekly Play Summary email now includes your social activity (and we’re just calling it “Weekly Summary”). Not getting that weekly email? Turn it on in your Notifications settings, because you’re missing out!

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