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This Week in Raptr: KingsRoad Starter Packs, Upcoming Q&As, Halo 4 Game Night Recap

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on Raptr.com!

Raptr Rewards: KingsRoad Starter Pack and Defiance beta keys

Get ready for adventure and claim your KingsRoad Starter Pack with our next Raptr Reward! As the first role-playing game on Facebook to blend multiplayer combat with lush 3D worlds, KingsRoad lets you unlock powerful abilities, acquire deadly weapons, and team up with friends, all from the comfort of your browser window.

This Raptr-exclusive starter pack includes instant access to the KingsRoad closed beta, in-game currency, and a number of different stat-boosting potions. Those that are ranked “Amateur” or above in select RPG games can grab this reward for themselves this Wednesday.

We will also be offering beta access to Trion World’s Defiance later this week — stay tuned for more info!

Upcoming Raptr Q&As

We have not one but two Q&A sessions coming soon. First up is our Q&A session with team members on Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3, and then we’re also putting together a Q&A session with Gas Powered Games, the studio behind such classics as Demigod, Dungeon Siege, and Supreme Commander. Check out Gas Powered’s new Kickstarter project, Wildman, and prep those questions!

Raptr Game Nights: Halo 4 recap and upcoming game nights

Last Friday, around 20 Raptr users got together for our Halo 4 Community Game Night. Madness ensued, including one particularly crazy match of SWAT on the Griftball court. As Raptr user Z3PHYR11 put it best: “From beginners to pros…we all came together & had a great showing.”

Want to join in on the action? There will also be upcoming game nights for both Black Ops II and PlanetSide 2, as well as a chance for you to show off your Black Ops 2 emblem — stay tuned!

Community Highlights

How old are you and how long have you been playing LoL? by d3so
As one of the most popular games on Raptr, League of Legends has roped in countless fans since its debut in 2009. Raptr user d3so would like to know when you got hooked to this addicting MOBA.

What animal do you hate the most in Far Cry 3? by rytram
The lush tropical isles of Far Cry 3 are home to many dangers, including ferocious animals. Raptr user rytam would like to know: which beast in particular you love to hate the most?

Which Borderlands character is your favorite? by Xarlian
With two main titles and a crapload of DLC, the world of Borderlands’ Pandora is chock-full of crazy characters. The question is, which one is your favorite?

Where is the best place to find diamonds in Minecraft? by kelsoo_fun
Raptr user kelsoo_fun has taken to mining, but he needs some help. Any treasure hunters out there know the best way to get rich quick in the blocky worlds of Minecraft?

Is Halo 4 taken seriously by hardcore gamers? by PaulRenzi
With a new team at the helm, Halo 4 did a few things differently than Bungie’s offerings. Raptr user PaulRenzi would like to know if these changes were for the better, and if this FPS is MLG-approved.

Who did you romance in Mass Effect? by DragonTattooXX
Many gamers have saved the galaxy as Shepard in the Mass Effect trilogy, but who did these space-goers romance when they were off the clock? Raptr user DragonTattooXX would like to know which character they went after.

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