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This Week in Raptr: Happy Wars Game Night, Heart of the Swarm Tournament, Holiday Song Contest

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on Raptr.com!

Community Game Night: Happy Wars

Warriors! Mages! Clerics! Join Raptr staff, community members, and XBLA’s ashtonisVULCAN for a fun-filled night of fantasy warfare in Happy Wars this Wednesday, December 19th from 6-8PM PST. Five random participants will receive 800 Microsoft points, so sign up, join in, and bet your happy stars you’ll have a night filled with madness!

Raptr’s Blacklight Retribution Server

Agents! Raptr’s set up a server for Blacklight Retribution community members that will be around until this Wednesday! Search for the room “Raptr” hosted by me, LinkSmash, and jump in to play! Random participants will receive a random weapons pack provided by Epic Games’ Community Coordinator, iFlak.

Heart of the Swarm Masters Tournament

Raptrcrafters! We’re hosting a Heart of the Swarm Master’s League tournament! Sign up and have a chance to win awesome prizes from Logitech and Astro Gaming. If you’re more the spectator type, tune in to BaseTradeTV’s live stream on December 20th and 21st starting at 2PM PST. Viewers will have a chance to win Raptr plushies and more!

Rift Caption Contest

Caption the apocalyptic image above for a chance to win a Storm Chaser Edition ($120 retail value), which includes a year of gametime and a Landslide mount, plus the in-game items from the Infinity Edition! Five runner-ups will also earn Infinity Editions. Caption now!

Raptr Holiday Song Contest

Have a holly jolly time turning classic holiday carols to new video-game themed tunes that will make even the grumpiest of grinches smile and win you a game of your choice (of $60 value) or a $60 Amazon Gift Card!

Community Highlights
My Top 5 Games of 2012 by LinkSmash
The year’s coming to an end and I’ve penned my Top 5 games of 2012! From Mass Effect 3 to Halo 4, see the games I selected as my top games of 2012, read other community members’ top games, and share yours!

Same game, different name by shamasrodriguez
Those are some fighting words from Raptr user shamasrodriguez, but he does back up his statement with facts and experiences. What are your thoughts on the latest Call of Duty title? And please don’t troll.

What’s your favorite game of all time? by DESTROYAKIDD
DESTROYAKIDD asks, “what’s your favorite game of all time?”  Some Raptr users have responded with Mirror’s Edge, Zork II, Tetris, and other titles you wouldn’t believe! Check out their responses and add yours now!

Raptr Challenge – Crown the King by modraptr
I’m not going to lie; shotguns are one of my favorite weapons to use in any video game. Raptr user modraptr is taking it a step further and issued a challenge to all Blacklight Retribution players showing off their best shotgun kills. Share your best kills (in videos or pictures form) and you just might be crowned the king!

What is a good top to play as? Relatively easy to learn preferably.
by simitachi
Raptr user simitachi has admitted he’s a League of Legends n00b player, but hoping to change that. Help him out and provide advice on what characters he should use to help him overpower the top solo.

DLCs are boring…Omega is kinda cool
by MissFluffyButt
Read about what Raptr user MissFluffyButt and others have to say about Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, DLC, and the excitement over female Turians.

12813 hours played…addiction or dedication? by GrayKitsune
Raptr user GrayKitsune has a serious case of addiction…or dedication to Runescape, recording nearly two years’ worth of game time played. I tip my hat to you, Sir, as that’s an incredible feat!

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