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This Week in Raptr: Magic: The Gathering Q&A, The Sims 3, Holiday Song Contest, Community Highlights

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on Raptr.com!

Raptr Q&As

This week, Magic: The Gathering’s Ken Troop, Max McCall, and Michael Gills will take to the Raptr Q&A stage to answer your questions. Start asking what these Wizards of the Coast devs have up their sleeves now and tune in for the live Q&A session on Wednesday, December 5th from 10-6PM PST.

Users who ask the best questions, as judged by Raptr staff, will receive Magic: The Gathering bags filled with a Magic 2013 Battle Booster pack, Magic: The Gathering Coloring book, Nicol Bolas button, a random Ravnica guild pin, a premium Magic item, and more so be sure to get your questions in now!

Though the year is quickly drawing to an end, our Raptr Q&As won’t! This Friday, December 7th from 10-6PM PST, we’ll have another round of Raptr Q&As with developers from Rift.

The top question (as determined by Raptr staff) will earn a Storm Chaser Edition ($120 retail value), which includes a year of gametime and a Landslide mount, plus the in-game items from the Infinity Edition! Get your questions in now! If you’d like to double your chances at winning the Storm Chaser Edition, enter in our Raptr Caption Contest: Raptor-mount escape!

Last week, EVE Online’s Ingólfur Vignir Ævarsson answered your questions about harvesting corpses, the future of ship customizations, and how EVE is real — he’s been there. Catch up on the rest of the EVE Online Raptr Q&A here.

Raptr Caption Contest: The Sims 3 Butler Invasion!

HELP! The town is being overrun by a horde of well-dressed, mild-mannered loitering butlers! Who better to save the day than RoboMaid – with a sniper? Caption the image above in the post here for a chance to win a Raptr shirt and plushie.

Raptr Holiday Song Contest
Deck the vault with Handsome Jack, wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub. Grab a rocket and blow him up, wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub…

Get in the holiday spirit and turn classic holiday carols into new video-game themed tunes that will make even the grumpiest of grinches smile and win you a game of your choice (of $60 value) or a $60 Amazon Gift Card.

Raptr Rewards

Expand your Magic: The Gathering 2013 deck with our latest Raptr Reward going live this Wednesday, December 5th — Watch now!

While you’re in our Rewards section, be sure to check out our exclusive rewards from EVE Online, RIFT, TERA, and more. Play games, rank up, and redeem your rewards today!

Community Highlights
60 personal reasons why I seriously dislike randoms… by Vixification
It may be due to Thanksgiving leftovers, but Raptr user Vixification is pretty tired of the League of Legends randoms she runs into. So tired, in fact, she’s listed 60 reasons why. Spoiler alert, Teemo is about five of those reasons.

Teammates do the darndest things… by Favre4Ever
Vixification isn’t the only Raptr user to voice her opinion about randoms; Favre4Ever writes an open letter to the silly Halo 4 players who are more trolls than teammates. Chime in with your very own open letters to the gamers who just don’t get it. My favorite of the bunch? “TEAM game, not ‘mess with your team’ game.”

Too many people playing these new Halo games say they are the best, but haven’t experienced the rest of the series… by redbl0odx
Raptr user redbl0odx believes that “the kids today” are missing out on the best of the Halo series and proclaiming the newer titles are Elite…without ever playing any of the other Halo games. How do you rank each of the games from the Halo series? Why?

Have you beaten legendary yet?! by Favre4Ever
Have you battle rifled your way through the Covenant and Promethean forces of Halo 4 on legendary? If so, have you played through it on solo, co-op, and do you have any tips? Chime in with your tips or even team up with a few Raptr users looking to beat Halo’s legendary campaign mode.

So who is going to prestige all the way to lvl 11? by deadlycamper
Personally, the highest prestige I’ve ever reached in any Call of Duty game is the third level. I always found it frustrating having to unlock all my weapons again. How many times will you prestige in Black Ops 2?

“Get 5583 more hours to be the #1 player on Raptr!” Who the heck has THAT MANY hours? By Talross
Besides the number 1 Rift player on Raptr, Raptr user Talross asks, who has that much time on their hands to play the game? Share how many hours you need to proclaim the number 1 spot on Rift.

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