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This Week in Raptr: EVE Online Q&A and Rewards, Raptr Game Night Recap

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on Raptr.com!

Raptr Q&A: EVE Online

This Tuesday, November 27, from 10am-6pm PST, CCP’s Ingólfur Vignir Ævarsson will be on Raptr to answer all of your questions. Want to discuss EVE Online, interstellar domination best practices, or possibly Icelandic trivia? Now’s your chance!

The top questions in the Q&A (as determined by Raptr staff) will get the chance to win everything from EVE board games to art books to ship models, suitable for dominating your desk space!

Raptr Rewards: EVE Online

This Tuesday, Raptr will give away the EVE Online Limited Edition Catalyst ship to those ranked Experienced or higher in CCP’s spacefaring sim. Perfect for those looking for a little extra firepower!

Interested in ranking up quickly? Amazon is offering a free trial of EVE as well as bonus offers for those who wish to play the full game. Check it out here!

Raptr Game Night Recap: StarCraft II and Blacklight Retribution

This past week, Raptr held not one but two community game nights!

On Tuesday Raptr teamed up with BaseTrade.TV for our first StarCraft II tournament. Not only did we offer a chance for Raptr users to square off against one another, we also gave away beta codes to the first round winners, as well as four Logitech G400s to those that made it to the fourth round. The grand prize winner won themselves a pre-order for Heart of the Swarm as well as a pair of GUNNAR Optiks gaming eyewear!

We also held a Blacklight Retribution community game night with Raptr’s very own LinkSmash this past Wednesday. Bullets were fired, death poses were made, and five Bear Allied R5X Ghost helmets were given away.

Want to get in on the fun? Stay tuned for our next Raptr community game night!

Community Highlights

What do you think about Black Ops 2’s Campaign? by iBeazzy
Many fans consider Black Ops 2’s multiplayer to be the main attraction, but Raptr user iBeazzy is interested in your thoughts on the game’s single-player campaign. Do you think it’s worth your while, or do you feel that it is more of the same?

Theories for Halo 5, anyone? by Dreamkiller
With Halo 4’s ending now firmly planted in gamer’s minds, Raptr user Dreamkiller is ready to speculate what will happen next in the Halo saga. How do you think Master Chief will finish the fight?

Community Build Project: Vote Time! (Tier 1) by Sun Spirit
Raptr user Sun Spirit’s Community Build Project in Minecraft is well underway and is now open for voting. Interested in seeing a medieval theme for the build, or perhaps something a little more sci-fi? Let your voice be heard!

Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage is awesome! Tell me what you think by Jesperato
The world of Borderlands 2 recently grew with its latest expansion revolving around Mr. Torgue’s campaign of carnage. Raptr user Jesperato says it is “awesome with assloads of explosions and basassiness.” What do you think?

Have you been getting in on all the new releases or visiting old classics? What have you been playing? by Sheriff Dan
With thousands of games both old and new available today, Raptr user Sheriff Dan would like to know what you have been playing lately. What games have been worth your while?

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