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This Week in Raptr: Q&As, StarCraft II Tournament, Community Game Nights

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on Raptr.com!

Raptr Q&As

This week, we’re taking a Q&A break in light of Thanksgiving festivities, but we’re back November 27th with Eve Online’s Ingólfur Vignir Ævarsson (the Q&A post is live now). Coming up in December, we’ve got Mark Rosewater, Magic the Gathering’s head designer, and much more.

Last week’s Q&A featured StarCraft II pro players from compLexity Gaming, qxc, Goswser, and Sasquatch. Read about what they had to say about the future of eSports, their thoughts on free-to-play titles, and how XP is yummy here.

Raptr Tournament: StarCraft II

Raptr’s open community tournament goes live tomorrow, November 20th. Those who make it into the fourth round will win a Logitech G400 gaming mouse; the Grand Champion will also win a pair of Gunnar Vayper eyewear, a copy of Heart of the Swarm, and Raptr bragging rights. Tune in to the live stream on BaseTradeTv’s Twitch channel — we’ll be giving out some prizes to live-stream viewers as well!

Blacklight Retribution Strike a Death Pose

Dying never looked so hilarious! Die with style for a chance to win one of five Bear Allied R5X Ghost helmet for Blacklight Retribution. Submit your screenshots now!

Blacklight Retribution Community Game Night
Looking for some free kills and cheap laughs? Join me, LinkSmash, for a night filled with lots of opportunities to see me fail. Sign up here and be invited this Wednesday, November 21st, from 6-8PM PST to partake in Raptr’s Community Game Night. Play with Raptr staff, community members, and have a chance to win one of five Bear Allied R5X Ghost helmet for Blacklight Retribution.

Be on the lookout for future Community Game Nights with Raptr Staff in games like League of Legends, Halo 4, Happy Wars, and more!

Raptr Rewards
Watch our latest Raptr Reward from EVE Online, a Limited Edition Catalyst Ship, going live next week.

We’ve still got Rewards from Rift, TERA, Tribes: Ascend, Battlestar Galactica, and more so be sure to claim your rewards today.

Community Highlights
Community build project by Sun Spirit
Minecraft community member Sun Spirit, is rounding up Raptr’s creative community to build the most epic block creation anyone’s ever seen! Leave a reply in the comments and join in on the dirt punching!

Raptr’s first (as far as I know of) DotA 2 tournament by Kollu
Raptr community member Kollu is rounding up DotA 2 players for Raptr’s first community-run tournament. Step up to the challenge and enter now!

Who is your favorite NPC in the game? by IamNOTcreative
Borderlands 2 may sport 87 kazillion guns, but the characters are what make it so enjoyable! From Crazy Earl to Tiny Tina, who’s your favorite Borderlands NPC?

Stormcloak or Imperial. Who are you behind in the war?
by TheClassifiedID
The world of Skyrim is in the midst of civil war. Who would you take an arrow in the knee for, the Stormcloaks or Imperials?

Black Ops 2 is the biggest FAIL/LETDOWN of the year? by jodamaco
The majority of the Raptr community is up in arms against the latest Call of Duty title — at least within this post. Black Ops 2, all hype or are haters just gonna hate?

I think this is the best Halo yet and 343i has done Bungie proud. What do you all think? by SUBURBANmisfit
Master Chief and Cortana return for the start of an all-new action-packed trilogy developed by newcomer 343 Industies. SUBURBANmisfit asks, best Halo ever; yes or no?

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