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This Week in Raptr: Raptr Desktop App Update, Heart of the Swarm Beta codes, Community Highlights

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on Raptr.com!

Raptr Desktop App Update

We’ve completely redesigned the Raptr Desktop App — it’s now leaner, meaner, lighter (60% less memory use!), and packed full of great features:

  • Access to Facebook, Twitter, and the web without leaving your game
  • Instant access to community discussions
  • Screenshots and video capture abilities
  • The ability to check out your post-game stats

We’ve got a complete list of upgrades here, and a download link here. Upgrade today if you haven’t already!

Raptr Q&A Recap: Dishonored and Tribes: Ascend

We had a double dose of community Q&As on Raptr last week.

Dishonored co-creators Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith took the stand regarding the hot Bethesda stealth title. The two of them spoke about gameplay tactics, future DLC, and “The Outsider,” among other topics.

Hi-Rez Studios’ Todd “HiRezTodd” Harris and Adam “HiRezAPC” Mierzejewski also performed a Q&A session this week regarding Tribes: Ascend. The 15 best questions won themselves a three-day XP Booster codes for their trouble!

Look for a Q&A session with StarCraft II pro players Goswser and Sasquatch later this week; stay tuned for details!

Tera Caption Contest

Summer’s long gone but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the cold and in Tera! Caption the above image (courtesy of Raptr user VampyreAlchemist)  for a chance to win one of five TERA in-game Night Mare mounts!

Raptr Rewards: Rift and StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm beta access

Starting this Tuesday on 11/13, Raptr is giving away everything you need to get started in the world of Trion’s MMO Rift. Not only will Raptr be offering free copies of Rift with 30 days of playtime, we will also be giving away Smithy Goggles, access to the Storm Legion expansion, and other goodies to those ranked high enough.

Raptr is also giving away beta access to Blizzard’s first expansion to the StarCraft II universe, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Those ranked Elite in StarCraft II can claim a beta key when the reward goes live this Thursday on 11/15. Supplies are limited, so make sure you are set up to watch the reward right now!

Community Highlights

Who is your favourite champion to play? by Lanadre
With more than 100 champions to date, League of Legends offers no shortage of characters to play with. Which one is your favorite?

What’s the best weapon in Halo 4? by Remav1c
Halo 4 has been out for less than a week, and already people are picking their favorite tool of destruction. Which weapon do you wreak the most havoc with online?

Favorite Borderlands 2 Quote by The Yellow Dart
Borderlands 2 is chock-full of wit and one-liners. It might be hard to pinpoint one particular line that stands out from the rest, but Raptr users are sharing some of their favorites in this thread.

Looking for some new friends to play Minecraft with by Jenny
Is Minecraft solo not working out for you? Whether you have a PC or a 360, find a fellow Raptrite to build with in this thread!

Do you think PvP players are overall better gamers than strictly PvE players? by b1rdn
Raptr user b1rdn ponders which gameplay style is better: PvP or PvE. Put simply: “If a PvE player and a PvP player picked up a random game, who do you think would be better?”

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