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Raptr Updates: Stay in-game longer with the all-new Raptr Desktop App

We’ve completely redesigned the Raptr Desktop App — it’s now leaner, meaner, lighter (60% less memory use!), and packed full of great features. Download it here!

Access Facebook, Twitter, and the web without leaving your game

You can now easily access a wide variety of apps while in-game. Use Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, check your favorite gaming news sites, or just surf the web with our in-game web browser. It’s customizable, streamlined, and easy to use!

Instant access to community discussions

Need gameplay hints and tips, or just looking to chat with other gamers playing the same game? Browse and post to the community on Raptr without leaving your game!

Capture screenshots and videos

Share your adventures by capturing screenshots and posting them on Raptr, Facebook, and Twitter. Coming soon: Capture your gameplay videos!

Check out your post-game stats

It’s easier than ever to track your gaming accomplishments while in-game, and now you can view of a summary of your post-game stats after every gameplay session!

In addition to all the new apps, you also have access to these features:

  • Gameplay activity and achievements tracking for console and PC (Xbox, PS3, Steam games supported)
  • See what your friends are playing
  • Jump into a game your friends are playing
  • Cross-platform IM chat
  • Notification when you earn a Raptr Reward or when you rank up

With Raptr’s Desktop App you never have to leave your games!

Also, read about the latest Raptr website updates here.

  1. mick says:

    is there any way to turn the dock off until i want it on? i have an icon in my task bar which is annoying me to the point of wanting to remove the desktop app itself. May be ocd but, still annoying me.

  2. Kamran says:

    Yes there is Mick. Just click the X when your not in-game and press Ctrl+Shift to hide the dock while in game and press them again to reveal the Dock again.

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