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This Week in Raptr: Raptr Desktop App update, Halloween Costume Contest, Todd Harris Q&A

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on!

Raptr Halloween Costume Contest

Get into the holiday spirit and share your video game costumes with Raptr! Take a page from our Raptr dino, who often moonlights as Ezio, Master Chief, and characters from World of Warcraft, to name a few.

To enter, simply take a photo of you wearing your outfit, upload it to imgur or a similar photo sharing site, and post the link in the comments here! Raptr staffers will choose a winner based on subjective opinion and possibly a D20.

Raptr Q&A: Tribes: Ascend’s Todd Harris
Shazbot! Raptr’s next Q&A will be with none other than Todd Harris of Tribes: Ascend fame. As the co-founder and COO of Hi-Rez Studios, he is sure to know the answer to any burning question you may have for him next Thursday, November 8.

Also down the road we have fighting game community legend Alex Valle coming in for a Q&A. Stay tuned!

Lost Saga Guide Contest
Are you a Lost Saga guru? We’re giving away 10 Perm Gear Chest codes to users who write up a hero guide for the community!

All aspiring writers have from now until November 12 to enter.

TERA Halloween Screenshot Contest

Don your best Halloween-themed outfits in TERA for a chance to win one of five Night Mare mounts! Entering is simple; use the Raptr Desktop App to take a screenshot of your TERA hero in a costume fit for All Hallow’s Eve, then upload the images to imgur or a similar image hosting service.

We’ll choose five winners, and the most entertaining screenshot (as judged by the completely subjective nature of the Raptr staff) will also win a Raptr Dino plushie and be the featured image in an upcoming Raptr caption contest!

The contest ends this Wednesday, October 31, for obvious reasons, so get shooting!

Borderlands 2 Haiku Caption Contest Winner

Congratulations to Xenonliger, who won our recent Borderlands 2 caption contest! His haiku is below:

You fall to the ground,
All should bow to my class mod,
Plus five Backstab skill.

His poetry skills have won himself a Borderlands 2 Season Pass!

Raptr Desktop App Update
The Raptr Desktop App we have all grown to know and love is about to transform into a lean, mean, fighting machine! Our slick new Desktop App brings the most popular apps and features to you in-game — look for it before the middle of the week!

We also have a major site update coming very soon. Keep an eye out for it!

Community Highlights

Why we love FPS (first-person shooters) games by Ludos
Why are gamers drawn to the world of first-person shooters? Ludos hopes to decipher this fascination of cold hard steel in our hands by looking at the history behind the FPS.

What we want from XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC by bghost26
After saving the world from an alien invasion, bghost26 has high hopes for XCOM’s next mission. Whether it be new weapons or a brand new campaign, the world of XCOM can grow in many different ways.

Would you want a Team Fortress 3? by machimaster1
Raptr user machimaster wonders if Valve should break their cardinal rule and make a game with a “3” in it. Should Team Fortress 2 get a sequel soon, or are you perfectly happy blasting people away right now?

RUMOR: Next Skyrim DLC ‘Dragonborn’ to include Dragon Mounts and a return to Morrowind by LegacyEtheRBOLO
Some die-hard Elder Scrolls fans have dug up a dragon-sized rumor. Are you eager to return to the world of Morrowind, or do you hope the next Skyrim DLC will take you somewhere else?

Favorite weapon in DayZ? by dropdabass
Just in time for Halloween, Raptr user dropdabass wants to know what your weapon of choice is when it comes to conquering DayZ’s undead legion.

Guild Wars 2’s success and the death of the paid subscription model for online video games by Maria – GameDynamo
With the success of Guild Wars 2, Maria takes a look at the future of the free-to-play model. Do you think this MMO’s lack of a subscription model is a smart idea?

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